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  1. I am on H1B visa and lost my job on 03/04. Current visa is valid till 10/10/2020 and I94 also valid till the same date. My 60 days grace period ending on 05/04. 1. With the current situation (COVID - 19) I can not travel outside USA. My spouse is on H1B, if I want to move my status from H1B to H4 and then H4EAD, please let me know the options I have - Can it be done without leaving USA and maintaining the legal status in USA? - If I am allowed to stay in USA while changing the status then, what will be status after my grace period is over as H1B to H4 status change takes more than 4 months? - Is there any provision to mention that H4 effective date with a date which is before my end of grace period (05/04) ? Will USCIS give the H4 on back date considering my grace period? - What is the approximate timeline to change the status and getting the EAD?
  2. Hi, My current employer has not started GC and my H1B visa is going to max out on 10/16/2020. With the remaining time, if I find new employer who is willing to do the GC processing, I want to know the possibility of I140 approval within the time limit. 1. Can H1B transfer and GC process start in parallel or GC can start prior to H1B transfer? - Prior to H1b transfer, if it can start it will save some time in terms wage finalization and job advertise and recruitment process. 2. Is there any possibility of getting 7th year extension? 3. If I don't get any new employer and I move out of USA with 5 months remaining on h1B. If I want to come back to USA again after one year in such case do I need to go for new H1B with cap or with cap exempt? Early response much appreciated. Thanks, Sachi
  3. Hi, My H1B is valid till 09/30/2020 and I am going to complete 6 years of H1b with this. My employer refused to process my GC. I am curious about the other options. 1. If I join any fulltime course in USA, will I get a student visa for the same? After completing the course, can I move to H1B again without leaving the country for 1 year? 2. I tried Canada PR, but my CRS score is 397 so not getting any PNP or PR through express entry. 3. By any chance, if I join a new company in USA in next 2 months assuming the new employer is going to process GC immediately. What are the chances of getting i140 approved within 1 year in the current situation? Thanks, Sachi