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  1. Add-on: Im currently on H1b visa, in the process of filing for PERM
  2. Hello All:A Prevailing Wage Request has been filed with the DoL for my PERM process and I am yet to obtain the response.During this period, I have changed my residential address within the same Metropolitan Statistical Area. I am about to file the online AR-11 form with USCIS to notify them of my address change. Should I go ahead and file this AR-11 form when my Prevailing Wage Request is still in progress with DOL? The AR-11 form also asks for the receipt numbers of pending application. Do I have to provide any such receipt number of my Prevailing Wage Request here? I haven't received any such receipt number from my lawyers.Or can I go ahead with filing this AR-11, without mentioning any receipt requests, because the Prevailing Wage Request is filed with the DOL and not USCIS?
  3. Hello All: I am a full time employee and I am planning to do a H1b amendment to reflect an in-line promotion. Along with this, I am also planning to add my home address as my primary work location in my LCA as 'work location 1'. I will also have other office addresses in my LCA as 'work location 2 and 3'. Does filing the home address as address 1, lead to a significant increase in risk of RFE / rejection of the H1b amendment? please advise.
  4. is there a 'proper legal term' for this type of H1b amendment, that I can convey to my legal team? And does it ever require anyone to leave the USA?
  5. Hello all: I understand that currently, due to the recent executive order, leaving USA and re-entering is not recommended, especially since I will be needing a H1b visa stamp for re-entering. My current stamp is of F1 class. Currently, I am looking forward to filing an H1b amendment for an in-line promotion (similar role, just an increase in seniority). I want to understand if there is any possible situation where an H1b amendment petition like such might force me to exit USA and re-enter? If yes, is there any specific request/direction that I should provide to my company's legal team to file my petition in a certain way to avoid this? For example, I know that when you transfer from F1 to H1b status, and if the petition is filed as 'consular notification' (and not as 'change of status'), then you are forced to leave USA, visit a consulate and re-enter. Please help guide me - Thank you.
  6. Hello all: I recently received a promotion and my HR has mandated me to file for a H1b visa amendment to reflect the role change, in order to receive the promotion. On June 22, 2020 (last week), there was a news that President Trump declared a suspension of H1b visas. I have two questions - 1. Will this suspension affect, or put risk on my h1b amendment petition which will be filed for promotion reasons? If yes, would you recommend that I hold off filing this amendment till the suspension is revoked? 2. Do H1b visa amendments, in any case, require you to travel outside USA for reasons like consular visit or stamping? If yes, is there anything I can tell/instruct my company's legal department so that they can file this petition in a way that this travel can be avoided? I request you all immigration knowledge holders to please help me with the above questions. More details about my promotion (if it helps) - This is an in-line promotion where my role/duties remain almost similar in nature (data engineer), but the role increases in seniority. The title changes from a 'Consultant' to an 'Advisor'. I am a full time employee.
  7. Hi all: I am currently working on H1b visa as fulltime employee since oct 2018. I currently work in Atlanta for a company. In the coming months, I am going to travel to NYC almost every week for to a different office of the same company (fly to NYC on sunday and fly back to Atlanta on Friday). My residential address will stay in Atlanta. Then after 5-6 months, I am going to relocate to NYC so my residential address will change to NYC. 3-4 months after that, I am going yo get a promotion so my title and pay will change/increase. In the above case, do I have to file amendments separately each of these times, when I - 1. Start to travel for work to NYC for same company, when my residential address is still Atlanta 2. Change residential address to Atlanta 3. Get promotion and pay raise? Please note that the above 3 events are going to happen at different times. All of them are going to happen with the SAME employer. Also, how risky are these amendmends? Is there a chance of amendmend petition rejection? And does the risk increase because these are too many H1 amendmends back to back? i know that these are too many questions back to back. I request all you gurus to help me. Thank you.
  8. Hello All: I recently changed my status from F1 student to H1B. I have received an I-797A, that has an I-94 attached below it. I donot plan to visit India any soon (my parents visit me often). I want to understand if a H1b visa stamp is a necessary document to obtain? Should I still visit India just for the sake of obtaining an H1B visa stamp on my passport? If H1B visa stamp is not necessary, and if I dont get it, will it cause any problem for - 1. My current life in H1b status in USA 2. For H1b extension that I need to obtain in coming years 3. In future green card processings 4. If I eventually have to go for H1b stamping after several years when the need comes, will it cause any problem in the visa interview then, just because I didn't obtain a H1b stamp in so many years while I was in H1b status? Thank you for helping me.
  9. Hello All: Yestarday, I was trying to fill up the DS160 form for my H1B visa stamping trip. I started a new DS160, saved the application ID, answered the 'secret question' and landed on the Personal Information 1 page. Here, I filled up just my SURNAME and GIVEN NAME. Then I clicked 'next' at the bottom of the page, hoping that it will just initiate and save the form and I would complete it later by retriving it. Today, I tried to 'retrive' my application with the application ID, secret question's answer, last name and date of birth, but the website said that the details are incorrect. This can be because I had'nt provided my date of birth when I first started the application. Assuming that I cannot retrive this application, I started a new DS160 application ID, but it timed out after submitting the 'secret question' screen. Like that, I created 3 more DS160 application IDs, but each one timed out after submitting the 'secret question' screen. Can you please help me by answering these 3 questios - 1. Since I have initiated a total of five DS160 forms, will this create any problem? 2. None of these forms currently seem to be retrivable since none of them had my date of birth saved. Can you tell me what would be the safest way to proceed forward and complete a DS160 application, such that I face no problems in the visa interview process? 3. After trying multiple times, DS160 forms are timing out after the secret question screen, eventhough I am not leaving my screen inactive. I am using Safari and Chrome. Can you tell me how to complete this form without facing the timeout problem? Thank you for helping me
  10. Hello All: I recently transitioned from F1 visa to H1B visa. My I-797 validity ends in Sept 2021. It also has an attached I-94 at the bottom with the same validity end date. I am planning to visit india in May 2019 for stamping. I find that my passport expires in july 2021, i.e. 2 months before my I-797 validity end date. I wanted to know if I still go through visa stamping process in May 2019, will my (A) Visa stamp, and (B) the I-94 at the port of entry have the end date of Sept 2021 (I-797 validity end date) or July 2021 (passport validity end date)? If any of the two will have end date of July 2021 instead of sept 2021, will it reduce my work authorisation or US stay by those 2 months? I know that Indian passport can only be renewed 12 months before its exipry date. So, if the above problem happens, my alternative would be to renew my passport in 2020 and then go for stamping. Thank you for guiding me.