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  1. Thank you for your inputs. I had a lil bit of hope on this Senator's letter, but your opened our eyes to the reality. A helpless father out here, trying all that he can to keep the family knit together.

    Actually, our second son is blind and has a lot of mental challenges and both of them get together very well. We migrated to this country only for him. I explained this situation to our senator and thought this could help us, if the senator was kind enough to let the CO know of our situation.

    Thank you, once again, not just for this advise to us, but on behalf of all the user who post in this forum. Very much appreciated, Sir.

  2. I will piggy ride on Pontevecchio's opinion. My son too is in a similar kind of situation. He visited a US consulate in India for his F1 stamping and he was denied. Fortunately, he had a valid H4 visa, he is back and can attend school till August, as he turns 21 then.

    I am in the process of talking with attorneys, schools officials, and this is the information I gathered so far.  (I can not guarantee any of this, as I am still scouting around). If USCIS does not make a decision before kids like ours turns 21, they will go out of status. One of the options is a bridge - kids can  convert to a B2 (subject to approval), and stay here legally till they get to know of the decision (I am not sure of the time they can stay on a B2). The downside of this option, however, is that they cant attend school on a B2.

    If this helps,...... I also wrote to one of my senators, seeking their help. All that they told me is that they can assist us in a limited manner. They are ready to send a letter to the embassy a day or two ahead of the scheduled interview to "introduce"ourselves and to ask for full and fair consideration based on the laws they must follow.

  3. Odd indeed. It was our misfortune really.
    How could my son establish strong ties overseas, when all of our family is here in the US?
    Our Green card processing keeps taking forever, kids age out, their F1 visa gets rejected, resulting in family separation. I am completely confused at this whole process.

  4. My son has been living here in this country since March, 2010. He did his Middle school, High school and also finished 2 years of his college here.
    He turns 21 in August of 2019. He had been to India last week to have his F1 visa stamped, and unfortunately, he was denied his F1 Visa (214 b).
    Luckily, he can return back and pursue his studies till he turns 21.

    I am looking at what can be done to secure his F1 visa, while he is in the US. The current processing time for F1 visa at Vermont Service Center is 11 to 15 months and that runs past the date when he turns 21. Can he stay here till he gets a decision and, can he continue to study while waiting for the decision?

    To add to our owes, our younger son is completely blind and he experiences absence seizures and has several brain related issues and lots of behavioral problems. My sons are so attached to each other and we can't imagine them living in two different countries. We don't wish our family is separated this way. And, we also need our older to stay with us here to take of his younger brother.

    Can someone please guide us?