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  1. Update: At POE: I was sent for secondary inspection in a room. There were about 15-20 people waiting in the room because of various reasons like missing I-20s for F1 students, more questioning, arrest etc. After waiting for 15 mins I was called to a desk. The officer asked about the arrest. I told him I disclosed everything on my visa application. He replied that he can see that on his notes. He then said he is gonna write some stuff for other officers reference in the future, saying that the case has been dismissed, I have disclosed it honestly during visa applications and at POE etc. He then stamped my passport. Overall took like 15 more mins because the officer was talking about alot of stuff not related to the arrest but general conversations. He was friendly. Took like 30 mins total.
  2. I have generally heard that the first H1B stamping after F1 can take some time because of employment verification and stuff (thats mostly what I have read on the forums, not sure). And maybe since this is your first stamping after the incident it might take some time on that front as well. Waiting since Oct is so bizarre though, since its Jan now. Maybe you could reach out to a congressman or someone that could contact the embassy, perhaps your attorney?
  3. Not to beat a dead horse, but you should have been truthful and forthcoming from the get go. Since there are set procedures the COs usually follow, not doing so usually makes trouble for you, not for them.
  4. Is yours F1 as well? Cuz I know for H1B they might contact the employers and stuff (not for the charges, but to verify employment and stuff). Because if you gave them the final certified court docs showing the case was dismissed, it shouldn't take this long. The charge was not a CIMT, right? Have you reached out to them since Oct? If not, I would definitely do that.
  5. I wanted to post this as soon as I was able to get a successful stamping so that my experience can help others in a similar situation. 2012: Went to USA for my PhD 2015: Misdemeanor conviction for simple assault (deferred judgement which is a conviction for immigration, 1 year unsupervised probation) 2016: Unsupervised probation ends 2018: PhD ends and I start my OPT 2019: Apply for STEM OPT extension and get it 2019 December: India visit and F1 renewal stamping on OPT ***I was scared because my program of study has ended and I am on OPT and on top of that the misdemeanor conviction. Mentioned everything on DS-160. Biometrics: 2nd December 2019 Interview: 3rd December 2019, New Delhi. VO: Hi, so what do you do? Me: I am working as ______ in _____ university in Boston. VO: I always get the kids with ______ university (she made a nice comment because I work in a top school in Boston) Me: *just smiled* VO: *looks confusedly at the screen* So what happened? Me: What happened? VO: *still looks confused* Me: What happened with the arrest you mean? VO: Yes Me: I was in a verbal fight with _______ and when the cops came they thought I should be charged with simple assault. VO: So its simple assault? Me: Yes VO: on a male or female? Me: Female. It was back in 2015 and it has since been dismissed and expunged. VO: So super dismissed haha if it was expunged. Me: *did not laugh cuz I was still nervous* yes. VO: *starts taking out a yellow slip* and tells me my passport looks damaged as well. She wrote "court docs and new passport" on the 221g yellow slip. She told me I need to submit court documents and a new passport with the yellow slip to the VAC center. VO: Everything will be ok. So you're done with your Phd? Me: Yes VO: and this is your first stamping since 2012? Me: Yes VO: Have you applied for an H1B? Me: I have no intentions to apply for an H1B. VO: How much do you make now? Me: $_______. VO: ok submit the documents with a new passport as soon as possible. ----------- I was able to get a new passport on December 19th and submitted it to the VAC along with the yellow slip and court docs showing dismissal and expungement of the case. I also attached my lawyer letter saying the case was dismissed. Case created: 3rd December, Administrative Processing 20 th December: administrative processing, date updated because of docs and passport submission. 31st December: I emailed the embassy with a letter from my employer mentioning my work is important for them and a list of my publications. 3rd Jan: Case in administrative processing, date gets updated. 6th Jan: Issued. So it took basically 4 weeks ish, major delay was cuz I had to get a new passport. From 20th december to 6th Jan, the case got updated and issued. My advise: Don't lie on DS160, Don't try to be smart and say something did not happen, don't misrepresent any facts but also don't go in the details, carry certified court documents that show how the case was handled at the end. Don't let the conviction be the sole topic of the interview, also try and tell them why you need to go back, why you're valuable. You can PM me if you have any questions, hope this helps anyone/someone. Thanks!
  6. Arrest definition: seize (someone) by legal authority and take them into custody. Were you arrested? Hell to the YES you were arrested. You should've used some common sense or consulted an immigration attorney before filling out DS-160 and stamping Be happy that the VO did not refuse it outright, most would have.
  7. sharmaa12

    Got a owi for sleeping in Car in Iowa state

    Was it in Iowa city, IA? 1. Not sure about 1. 2. you most probably won't see jai at all. Your defense lawyer will probably tell you you wont even have to go to court and he can take care of it and downgrade it to reckless driving or such.....he/she will tell you to plead guilty to a lesser offense. Usually lawyers make deals with state prosecutors that their clients will plead guilty for a lesser offense. ***In my opinion, try not to plead guilty at the outset and see if you can get a diversion program or something that would NOT be admission of guilt for immigration purposes. 3. Best to get a crimigation (criminal + immigration) attorney and you will shell out a total of about 5k. 3. You will NOT get deported or be inadmissable if this is your ONLY offense. Hope this helps, you can message me if you have more questions. You'll be ok!
  8. Ok first of all I apologize foe checking the messages late. @srs1610 What level of details should i mention ? Would it be as simple as , arrested due to DUI on mm/dd/yy but later dismissed per diversion on mm/dd/yyy or very detailed explanation. i want to be very cautious that put right amount of info on the form for both the questions. I recently filled out a DS160 myself and I only filled out the code for my arrest record for which I was convicted for. eg whatever state it is lets say its Iowa, then just write final conviction for IA code 708.1(2) etc. If you were not convicted just write arrested for whatever code, but case disissed and NO conviction. Hope this helps. Basically just write 1 sentence summarizing what the case was, nothing more. @NJ2020 Any idea how to get the arrest records? I am in India and VO asked me to submit the arrest records. When reaching out to the Sheriif, he declined the request to provide the arrest record. Someone has to do it for you. If you have a lawyer, reach out to him/her and they can go to the local court where the case was in the US on your behalf. You may need to write a letter saying you know the case is expunged but you need your lawyer to get certified court copies etc and send it to your lawyer. He/She can then take the letter to the court and then show them, pay the fees, and get certified copies for you. Remember to get multiple copies. Once you submit the certified copies to the embassy, you won't get it back. You might need more for POE questions, future stampings, GC stuff, future POE travels etc. All the best you guys!
  9. Carry the final court certified documents that show your case was dismissed (multiple copies for the visa interview, POE, etc.), police report (present if asked at the interview or later via email). You will be fine, if this is the only arrest that ever happened. The VO is likely to send you for the certified physician examination. I have seen in forums that it take take around maximum 60 days after the interview to resolve and get the visa issued. Be truthful in you DS-160 and at the interview keep answers short and don't divulge anything unless asked. Best of luck!
  10. Hi Chackraj, Thanks a lot for sharing your post. I was wondering if kindly you would share what documents you were required to email them? I am in a similar situation going for stamping soon, this would really help me. Thanks
  11. sharmaa12

    EAD for DUI

    did you get your OPT back then?
  12. sharmaa12

    OPT Application with upcoming court date

    Did your OPT get approved?
  13. sharmaa12

    OPT got stuck because of security check

    Any updates? Did it get approved?
  14. You do not need to answer that question because it does not apply to your eligibility. You can ask your DSO to confirm
  15. Hi Tanya,


    Was your OPT approved? Did you get an RFE?