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  1. Roopsman

    E3 visa renewal

    Hi, just thought of updating the details, if anyone facing similar problems. When I went to one DOT, they gave my DL based on visa's expiry date. But then I went to different DOT, who updated as per I-94's expiry date. I was able to visit Canada with my family for E3 renewal, and all our family member's visas are renewed without any issues. As per my employer's lawyer's suggestion, my E3 visa renewal application was not submitted. Even though my visa expired in Oct 2018, I was able to continue to work until my visa renewed in Nov 2018. (As per lawyer, since my I-94 is valid until 2020, hence i can work until 2020 without visa). My LCA approved from Aug 2018 to Aug 2020. My E3 renewal is from Nov 2018 to Nov 2020.
  2. Roopsman

    I-140 Portability

    If my current employer (A), has an approved I-140 for an ex-employee, who left to different employer (B), can my current employer (A) request to port (or transfer) ex-employee's I-140 with mine. I heard this can be done, and the ex-employee's priority date can be used once my I-140 is approved. Is it true?
  3. Roopsman

    E3 visa renewal

    Thank you, pontevecchio
  4. Roopsman

    E3 visa renewal

    Hi, I am on E3 visa, my visa will expire on Oct 16 2018. My I-94 is valid Jan 29 2020. As per my employer's lawyer's suggestion, I can continue to work since my I-94 will not expire until 2020. I have applied for DS-160 in Canada, and the earliest appointment available is Jan 27 2019. When I renewed my driver's license, they referred to my visa even though I provided I-94, and it expires Oct 16 2018. I can't even drive to work after next month. My children's visa already expired as they have my previous employer's stamp, and their I-94 will expire on Dec 26 2018. Also my employer initiated Green Card process, and my 140 is approved. Since I have Australian Citizenship, but my birth country is India, I am in the long waiting for my green card. I need assistance with the following: Can I continue to work for my employer while I am waiting for visa appointment (Jan 27 2019). or do I have to apply for extension while I am waiting for my appointment? What is the best way to proceed with the driver's license, until my visa is renewed? Can my kids can stay in US until the visa is renewed, or should I (or my lawyer) for extension? Thank you, Roopa