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  1. Mona18

    H1 extension Denied - options available

    Feeling same ... recently stopped my cousin who was asking which will be better USA , Canada or Australia. We said do not come here on any visa ..
  2. Mona18

    H1 extension Denied - options available

    That’s what whole H1 community feeling currently !!! Working on H1 is a kind of scary in current days ... we should not scare when we have done all right. You are saying that do not bash people who are living undocumented here !!! Just like it is my mistake (per your opinion) to file In wrong quota .. isn’t it their mistake to come to USA without documents?? Why we should not file motion at least reappeal to reconsider us !!!
  3. Mona18

    H1 extension Denied - options available

    I didn’t sign up fraud university .. please don’t assume that people who get admission early only getting admission in fraud university only. We verified in the UCICS qualified page and then only took admission- https://nces.ed.gov/collegenavigator
  4. Mona18

    H1 extension Denied - options available

    Thank You for your reply. Admission didn't took time as we started early more than a month and having degrees form USA helped us to get admission. Filling motion is a hope to prove my point , that filling in wrong quota was a mistake not crime !!! We spent 10 years here for study and then work here. Never been out of law , not even single driving ticket. Always been on time to pay taxes and what we are getting just to leave the county because of wrong filling ??? what about undocumented people living here !!! Their children's getting work permit when they don't have even single document to show their immigrant status here. What is my daughters fault ??? She is a born citizen here , then she has more right than undocumented minors. Right ?? I understand you are trying to help me out and just giving me suggestion but these are questions for Government to understand what they are doing. Questioning people who has documents or who don't??? At least give us time to change my H1 Quota. Hoping one day they have better law than just telling people to leave instantly. Need to understand the situation and give people time to change their mistake. Again its not crime its mistake.
  5. Mona18

    H1 extension Denied - options available

    Yes I do have an appointment with Murthy Lawyer and wanted them to look at this. They are so busy now a days that gave me appointment for next week. We started applying in to colleges since we received NOID so we are successful in a month to receive I-20. Applied for my spouse's F1 already. And will be filling motion in couple of days.
  6. My h1 extension denied recently based on university I did masters was not qualify for masters quota and we filled initial h1 in masters quota. When UCICS send query I came to know about this rule. After denial my lawyer wants to file for motion on decision and F1 for my spouse. April is a month away so once Its time for new H1 , we want to apply for new H1 on regular quota. I am not sure if I go for motion or just switch my status to F1 with my spouse. Then Later file for H1 in correct quota. Any help would be really helpful.