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  1. All, Thanks for your valuable response. I was just trying to figure out if there is a possibility of applying H1B extension in between petition expiry date and I-94 expiry. From most of the replies it looks like, I will be out of status after I-94 expiry and not after petition expiry date. And if company fails to apply extension before I-94 expiry (and not petition expiry) then I will have to leave the country. Is my understanding correct?
  2. Hi, My petition is expiring by end of July 2020, but my employer hasn't yet filed an extension due to COVID situation. If by any chance they miss out applying extension before petition expires, then what options do I have to stay back in the USA? Can they file extension after due date is passed? What consequences it will have? My I-94 is valid till 1st week of August. Any help on this topic is highly appreciated. Thanks.
  3. P9109V

    H1B Extension along with Amendment

    Appreciate your help !! Will check with attorney.
  4. P9109V

    H1B Extension along with Amendment

    Thanks Varun for detailed reply. As you said, application can be upgraded as premium anytime, does that mean it needs only business reason to justify? My visa got expired immediately I came to US, so wasn't able to get even my SSN. There are some more similar reasons too apart from business. So could these reasons be good enough to go for premium?
  5. Hello Experts, I had my H1B approved in Oct 2014 and was approved for 3 years. I couldn't come to US, as there was no business requirement during last 2.5 years. This year, there was a need for me to travel to US, so I traveled here in the month of Aug 2017, just before my H1B got expired in Sept. Before coming here, I already applied H1B amendment from home country, as there was client location change. And after entering into US, I applied for H1B extension before visa expiry. Till date, I received 2 RFEs for my extension and 1 for amendment. 1. Can I upgrade for premium after submitting RFE response, to expedite the process? If yes, would there be any adverse impart of it? 2. What could be the reasons for so many RFEs? My company's attorneys are responding to USCIS directly without having any info from me or my project team or immigration department. My case seems to be complicated. But you being experts, you might have gone through many such cases. I would really appreciate, if you can comment your views. Thanks in advance.