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  1. dont worry about AP , if you have valie H1 / L1 visa.
  2. 1. I spent about 5 years on L1 of which 6 months I was out of the country for vacation. 2. This year I got H1 approved for only 1 year. 3. The re-capture request to re-capture time spent out of the country while on L1 (6 months in my case) was denied by USCIS. 4. The officer stated that recapturing of L-1 time spent outside has not been specifically codified for H-1B . So the officer used his discretion. 5. As I approach the end of my 6 years and try to recapture additional H1-B time I will be vacationing in India , is there a possibility I can get the 6 months of L-1 time also (especially since I will be paying for my recapture request ;) ) ??
  3. JayantiMish

    Two separate Visa Stampings in One Single India trip

    You did not get the problem here
  4. I am on H1B (I-797) and plan to change status to F1 . I plan to travel to India for the same. I plan to do my H1b stamping in India and have H1B visa. After that I plan to get my F1 visa stamped after a few days in India. I plan to come to US on H1B visa While I get closer to my school start date I plan to exit the country and re enter on F1 visa, right before the school start date. Will I face any issues when I go for F1 visa stamping right after I undergo my H1b stamping ? Plz Help