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  1. Thank you for your response. I am confused that..you mean I have to apply extension for him only once I get approval right. If I didnt get extension approval before Nov 2017. What's the next step I need to take. Could you please suggest me.
  2. Hi, I am on H1b and it will expire on Nov 2017, I have applied for extension and got receipt number. My spouse had H4 visa till Nov 2017 but we didn't apply extension for him along with me. Now my questions are Can he travel to US now ? If he travels when I can apply extension for him? Do I need to apply extension for him only after I get approval of my H1B extension?.If so, Can he stay with out applying extension after Nov 2017 Please suggest me.
  3. G ANIL

    H4 visa 221G

    Hi All, Happy to share that got mail from embassy for submitting passport on Aug29.
  4. G ANIL

    H4 visa 221G

    I didn't get any update on this.Waiting for update... Please do let me know incase if you got any info or update.
  5. G ANIL

    H4 visa 221G

    Thanks Shekar. They didn't request any documents or somethings which we can submit.So based on what they come to conclusion whether visa grant or reject. From My end anything else I can do. How long this process can take?
  6. G ANIL

    H4 visa 221G

    Hello, I came to USA on May 2nd 2017 on H1B through consultancy. My spouse had appeared for H4 visa on May 2nd 2017(on the same day of my travel) and he got 221G. Till now the case status it is showing is administrative processing. Can I apply again H4 visa for her if the previous case is still pending. I do have payslips.Could you please suggest me how I can proceed.