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  1. shalakaf19@gmail.com


    I am filling Form I765 for Post completion OPT. My US mailing address is of California and my Physical Address is of Massachusetts (that is where my University) is. Which lockbox should I send my form to? Dallas or Phoenix? Please help!!
  2. shalakaf19@gmail.com

    Is Visa stamp required for OPT application

    I changed my status last year from H4 to F1 without leaving the US. I will be graduating in May’19 and will apply for OPT soon. Is a copy of my I797 F1 approval notice with attached I-94 enough or do I need to definitely submit a copy of my visa stamp? same Q for OPT extension application
  3. shalakaf19@gmail.com

    F1 stamping with I797

    I changed status from H4 to F1 last year to start school at Northeastern. I am planning on going to Mumbai for my F1 visa stamping with my I797. I have my CPT internship on from which I’ll take a break and travel in December when my school isn’t in session. I still have an entire semester left at school (Spring’19). My husband’s H1B expires in March 2020 and his I140 application will be started soon as per his company. What are my chances of a successful approval?
  4. shalakaf19@gmail.com

    F1 stamping with I797

    Thanks for your reply. My course is MS in Biomedical Science at Northeastern University. It is a research program under Pharmaceutical Sciences Major. Does this improve/worsen my chances?
  5. shalakaf19@gmail.com

    I/539 change from H4 to F1

    Hi all, I wish to change from H4 to F1 as I am beginning college in Fall 2017. I need help in Part 4. Q.19 of I-539. It says have you been employed or received an extension. I received an extension last month as my husband changed his job so my H4 which was otherwise expiring in Oct 2019 was extended to March 2020 because of his new job. Now my doubt is if I say yes to this question they are asking for additional info about my employment which is not true as I haven't worked and don't want to come across as if I did something illegal! My 'Yes' would only be to the latter part of the question or should I just say no? please help!!!