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  1. Piasin

    (DUI) F1 renewal help- ARD completed

    Did u mentioned about your arrest on DS-160 form..?
  2. Thanks @sam3215 for reply. yes,the case is dismissed ,so they will not deport me or detain me for inquiry..right ? i mean they will not come knocking at my door to took in custody....right na?
  3. Hello all, i am on H4 visa, 2years back I was charged for shoplifting,since first offense,offered Pre-trial diversion n case is dismissed now, under new executive order will they deport me for this..? How deportation works like ,will they put me in jail till deportation,recently reading a lot about deportation...I am really worried n tensed ,pls guide me how this things works ? i am scored to go in jail. thanks!
  4. Hey bkiran1101.... did u update ur ds-160 then..?