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  1. Stamping in home country is not required - I went to Ottawa for both my first and second stampings. Beware that consulates all over are issuing 221G. I was affected also, during my second stamping last month. Plan for an extended stay and choose your consulate wisely.
  2. manufacturingirl

    Success Story: 221(G) Blue Slip Ottawa

    No problem at all! Wishing you good luck!
  3. manufacturingirl

    Success Story: 221(G) Blue Slip Ottawa

    Hi Miral, I am on the whatsapp group you are in for the 221g's from Ottawa. I had shared my e-mail experience with everyone there on the same day I sent the email, but of course you joined the group recently - what I received was a very standard response. Very generic explaining that these timelines are to be expected. Later I found out that the same email is verbatim used by the US consulate at Vancouver as their automatic reply message. Once I shared my experience with the others on the whatsapp group, everyone sent similar emails and received some variation of the response that I received. But you do know the status of the others. I strongly believe that sending the email has nothing to do with the progress of your case. If you still do want to send the email - all I did was note my case number in the subject and basically inquired about the status of my case expressed my frustration at the delay and stated that I was ready to send any additional documents that they may need. That is all. Good luck!
  4. manufacturingirl

    Success Story: 221(G) Blue Slip Ottawa

    4th April : I attended Visa interview at US consulate, Ottawa. I have a Masters in Chemical Engineering and I work for a Manufacturing company as a Process Engineer. This is my second stamping, and I am working for a different employer. My first H-1B stamping was also at Ottawa in 2015 and I had no issues whatsoever. Consular officer asked about employer and about my research. She just asked for my CV and issued 221g blue slip. Only one item was ticked "you application needs additional processing before a final decision can be made". She also asked me to send my CV in an email to the email address listed in the blue slip. Passport and all documents were returned to me. I sent the email with my CV on the same day. Instantly received an automated response asking not to contact them until 60 business days have passed. At CEAC website, passport tracking showed "Admin Processing" Case created: March 31 and Case Updated April 4 (day of interview). 5th April: Received an email response to my CV email containing just one word: "Received" 18th April: Sent a frustrated email (same email listed in blue slip) asking about extending timelines and updates on my case. Received the typical automated response and a couple of hours later another generic email which had the same content as the automated response but just sounded nicer. 19th April: Received an email from the CEAC website with instructions on how to drop off my passport for "further visa processing" with a list of Canada Post Centers where it can be dropped of. Asked to include passport, actual 221G form and another sheet of paper that came with the email. Dropped off said contents at Canada Post. CEAC Website still showed status as Admin Processing with last updated date as April 4. 20th April: Tracking showed that Passport was delivered to the Consulate. 24th April : Received an email from the CEAC website that my passport was ready for pick up at the Canada Post location that I had chosen at the time of appointment booking, with tracking link. CEAC website shows ISSUED 25th April: Picked up passport from Canada Post. Visa approved until the I-797 date. Returned to US same day. No issues at POE. Good luck everyone, hope you found this useful!
  5. manufacturingirl

    221G for H-1B Stamping at Ottawa

    Hi @leo_nj and @dt15, sent you both private messages, please check. My interview was on 4/4, 221G blue slip for resume. I was contacted on 4/19 to submit my passport for further processing, no response since waiting to hear back from them. Fingers crossed.
  6. manufacturingirl

    h1b stamping after 221g

    your choice. if you get a 221G in Canada or Mexico, processing times are faster compared to India as there are less number of applicants to these consulates. But if you would rather take the longer processing time and opt to spend that time with your family in india, you can go for it.
  7. manufacturingirl

    221G for H-1B Stamping at Ottawa

    Is there anyone else who received a 221G in late March/April who are still waiting to hear back from the Consulate?
  8. manufacturingirl

    H1b Stamping Ottawa

    Hi Patel, sorry to hear your plight. Please check your forum inbox.
  9. manufacturingirl

    221(G) Approval Notification

    thank you
  10. manufacturingirl

    221(G) Approval Notification

    I am awaiting communication from the Ottawa consulate on the status of my admin processing. Meanwhile, I am going paranoid over whether I would inadvertently delete the e-mail notification asking me to submit the passport for stamping! Do Consulates just send an email to candidates announcing that the processing is over? Or do they also update the CEAC website with the DS-160 status about the request for passport submission? If they do the latter, I can be sure that even if I miss the email, I can check the status and find out where my application is. As of now, my status was updated online with the Admin Processing, same day as my interview.
  11. manufacturingirl

    221G for H-1B Stamping at Ottawa

    Thank you, @pontevecchio. I am confident that I will get my visa, no concerns there. The indefinite wait in Canada is concerning, that is all. I am fairly familiar with TAL.
  12. manufacturingirl

    221G for H-1B Stamping at Ottawa

    Oh, you went to Ottawa also?
  13. manufacturingirl

    221G OTTAWA DEC 2016

    Also did anyone travel to India to be with their family during this time? Instead of sitting alone in a hotel room here in Ottawa?
  14. manufacturingirl

    221G for H-1B Stamping at Ottawa

    OK now it makes sense. My urgency to re-enter the US was to resume my job responsibility only and I am not planning to jeopardize anything that would affect that. I am hearing that 221G is an issue everywhere these days but the processing times are relatively faster in Canada (few weeks) compared to India - few months. Of course, you have the advantage of staying with your family during this time, if you are in India.
  15. manufacturingirl

    Calling all 221g in Ottawa

    Any recommendations for cheap accommodation in Ottawa to wait this grueling period out?