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  1. I have a query related to my GC process. My GC was filed by my employer in EB3 category. I-140 was approved eventually and I got June 2008 as my priority date. Since then was waiting for priority date to be current so that I-485 could be filed. For some reasons I had to quit my job and return to India in July 2016. But I plan on going back again to the same job. My company says that they would need to start the GC process all over again i.e. File for labor and then I-140. My question is - Can my previously approved I-140 be reinstated within this new process and can continue with that same priority date as its the same employer that I will be rejoining. Thanks.
  2. Vishwesh

    Travel back to US on H1B after a gap of 7 months

    Based on the reply from @adshah84, what documents do I need to make sure I carry with me when traveling back to the US? Any insight and help is appreciated.
  3. Vishwesh

    Travel back to US on H1B after a gap of 7 months

    Thank you for your reply @adshah84 Nishant - From what it looks like and the response from @adshah84, I think it should not be an issue provided you have a valid visa to travel. However my fear in your case would be the client letter, which might be required. Is your client willing to give you that? If so, then you are safe. I have heard cases where consultants have been asked for client letter at POE. To be on the safer side I would ask for the letter from client and then plan my travel. All the best.
  4. I have a quick question about my situation. I was in the US for almost 12 years working for a Major Retailer as their employee. I left the job in July 2017 and came back to India for good. For some reasons my India move wasn't a success. I am planning on going back to the same company and same job. The company is willing to re-hire me. I have that same company's H1B visa stamped valid until December 2018. Can I travel back to the same company and same job with their existing visa? If so, what documents would I need from the company to show at the immigration port of entry. I could possibly get the re-appointment letter from them. Please let me know as I have to take the decision within next 10 days.