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  1. Completed DS-160 for Visa Interview at Hyderabad consulate for H-4 (for spouse and 6 yr old son) back in Sept for visa interview in Feb 24th. At that time my son has below 11 years 5 yr valid passport that was expiring on May 2017. Got a renewed passport in Dec 2016. The renewed passport has a new passport # How can I update the new passport number in already submitted DS-160? If I need to do a new DS-160, do I need to schedule a new interview and pay the fees again? Thank you.
  2. Ironman_2017

    221G OTTAWA DEC 2016

    @WINNI Thank you for the confirmation. Congratulations to you too.. for everyone else in the this state, Please stay strong and be patient..You will hear good news pretty soon as well...21 working days seems to be a reasonable number to hear back... Today, the status changed to Issued and is in final processing. Hopefully tomorrow it will be ready for pickup. @Winni & @Sriveer Are there any POEs that we need to avoid or be careful about? Any specific feedback about POEs in SFO or San Jose or Seattle or Salt Lake City?
  3. Ironman_2017

    221G OTTAWA DEC 2016

    Thanks @WINNI - I received request for passport on the same date. What documents did you send? They asked for passport and a generic support forms..I sent passport, DS-160 confirmation, 221-g and the pdf authorization print out. Do I need to send a copy of I-797?
  4. Ironman_2017

    221G OTTAWA DEC 2016

    Question to you all - Can I change the passport drop and pickup location after interview? If yes, please suggest how..
  5. Ironman_2017

    221G OTTAWA DEC 2016

    @gcinferno83 .. I totally understand your frustration.. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do to speed up things than wait...
  6. Ironman_2017

    221G OTTAWA DEC 2016

    @sriveer @Winni @gcinferno83 Did any of you hear back on the status? Its been 3 weeks with no update for me so far..
  7. Ironman_2017

    221G OTTAWA DEC 2016

    15 bd including today, no updates for me. How about you @sriveer @winni ? Wish you good luck..
  8. Ironman_2017

    Got 221G White on 8 Dec 2016.

    @sriveer This is my second time. First time was in India. Consulate is Calgary.
  9. Ironman_2017

    Got 221G White on 8 Dec 2016.

    @sriveer, I am in the same boat as you.. Pretty standard 2 min visa interview, not a single question about employment.. asked questions about education and gave 221 g yellow, it is been 15 days so far.. Have you heard back? Please update. Thank you.