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  1. Has anyone faced 221G situation with nothing asked but only admin processing checked in the form and got visa approved? Need to know the time taken for the whole process.
  2. PriyaViswam

    221G Blue form issued

    Thanks for the reply RoSogolla_221g. In my case, I got 221G before my first stamping to do H1B amendment, it was done and the stamping was approved eventually but after more than 3 months wait which was so painful! But one other friend said, it may not be a reason as the documents which we submit is only considered for providing stamping. Whatever it is, I really can't understand the whole stamping process. This is the main reason, many people who I know are in US for more than 10+ years without travelling to India. But what will happen to people, when they want to travel for emergency purposes? dsan, when did you attend interview at US consulate? Did they ask any documents in 221G? Did they update anything on your case?
  3. PriyaViswam

    221G Blue form issued

    Don't know how long need to wait on this... Is there anyone who is having similar issues in other consulates in India/abroad? Also is it something which follows from previous stamping? i.e., if you had got 221G for first time but waited to get stamping before, and the next time, when you go for stamping, they give 221G again? Do they respond over the email?
  4. PriyaViswam

    221G Blue form issued

    Recent experience in Chennai US Consulate: FELT FRUSTRATING LIKE DON'T WANT TO GO TO US VISA STAMPING ANYTIME IN INDIA! Had H1B visa renewal interview in Chennai. Been in US for few years and came for stamping after 4 years. Visa Officer asked few basic questions and took all my documents and asked me to wait in the lobby. After 3 hours, they called me back to the counter and gave my passport and all documents back and gave the 221g blue slip and checked only the 'Need to do additional administrative processing before final decision can be made'. Visa Officer said this could take few weeks. They did not give any answer to my questions like 'Do I need to submit any documents?' and 'what is the time frame it could take as I have made travel plans already?' They just do not want to give any answer. I am on E-C model. I had all employer documents and client letters. They asked many questions even on intercom for which I answered after which officer came and gave the 221G form. Not sure what raised questions with them on my application. I heard that Chennai consulate is giving lot of 221G blue forms nowadays. Don't know about other consulates in India. I feel very unsafe to come to India for a vacation even after long time in US. How can people not come to home country when they have to come for any emergency situation? We need to wait for 3+ hours for this sake in their office, still they are not convinced and give such slips, which destroys the whole vacation. Please let me know if anyone else had a similar experience and result.
  5. PriyaViswam

    Documents needed to take for H1B visa stamping renewal

    Can someone reply on this?
  6. Please let me know ALL the documents needed to be carried for H1B Visa stamping renewal in India with the scenario given below. Scenario: Person X went to US with Company A visa, worked in the same company for more than 2 years, then changed to Company B in US, worked for 2 years and now going to India for stamping renewal. I see lot of documents mentioned in another blog but not sure if everything is needed to be carried. Is it needed to carry all documents like I-797 or I129 from previous company? Thank you.