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  1. shuchigupta

    Calling all 221g in Ottawa

    Final update from my end: I am giving my details below: 1. Interview date & Time: 15th June 9am 2. Case created / Status update: 15th june 2016 3. Color of 221g : BLUE 4. Apporval/ asked for passport: 12 July 2016 5. Submitted passport same day 6. Email for passport processed: 19 July 2016 7. Passport picked from 59 sparks street: 20 July 2016 8. Left Canada on 21 July 2016, immigration done in Ottawa with no hassle. The passports are delivered next day you get notification about the airway bill number and usually around 2 PM. In all it takes time but we dont have any other option but to wait. Processing is very slow!!
  2. shuchigupta

    Calling all 221g in Ottawa

    Yaa may be tuesdays are lucky.. I got notification to submit my passport on Tuesday 12 July, 2016 which I did at the location the embassy asked me to. But since then I have been waiting to get a reply back from embassy to pick up my passport. I never knew it will take me more than a month to get my life back on track.. I still waiting..I hope this time monday is my lucky day !!. Best of Luck to others too..
  3. shuchigupta

    Calling all 221g in Ottawa

    Hi Everyone, update from my side. Today in morning got an email from embassy to submit my passport. So in total they took 17 business days to clear 221g and roughly a month if you include all weekends and other holidays. I have submitted my passport and lets hope that I get it soon. Will keep everyone posted.
  4. shuchigupta

    Automatic Visa Revalidation

    Hi I am copying a part of the link that might be helpful to you: The link : hhttp://www.dartmouth.edu/~ovis/updates/h1b/travel.html Automatic Revalidation: Travel to Contiguous Territory & Adjacent Islands H-1B / H-4 status individuals After initial entry to the U.S., persons in H-1B status who have an expired non-immigrant visa in their passport may re-enter the U.S. without obtaining a new U.S. visa if their travel was solely to a contiguous territory (Canada or Mexico) and their travel is for a period not exceeding 30 days. This procedure is known as "automatic revalidation" of the U.S. visa. The visa is automatically presumed to be valid for entry to the U.S. on the date the non-immigrant presents him- or herself at the U.S. border. To take advantage of automatic re-validation of an expired H-1B visa after travel to a contiguous territory, travelers must have, in addition to their passport and I-797 H-1B or H-4 approval notice, a valid Form I-94 card or passport Admission stamp showing H-1B or H-4 status. If you entered the U.S. by air or sea, OVIS recommends carrying a copy of your electronic Form I-94, which can be accessed and printed here. It is also recommended to carry with you proof of your employment, such as a letter from your employer, or paycheck stubs. Note that the following persons are *ineligible* for Automatic Revalidation: People who have applied for a new visa while in Canada or the adjacent islands, and the visa application is pending a decision or has been denied a new visa application. Nationals of Iran, Syria, Sudan, and Cuba are not eligible for automatic revalidation of an expired visa. Thus, for example, if a citizen of Iran travels to contiguous territory for a day and has an expired visa, but a valid extension approval notice of status; he will need to obtain a visa to return to the U.S. Automatic revalidation does not apply to the Visa Waiver Program. If you are planning to take advantage of it please see the copy of the regulation that allows this, here (22 CFR C. 1, part 41.112(d)).
  5. shuchigupta

    Calling all 221g in Ottawa

    Hi I was asked for no additional documents, it was H1B renewal for me. And i am working as Post Doc in Biomedicine in top medical university in US.
  6. shuchigupta

    Calling all 221g in Ottawa

    Hi guys, i saw one of the post in forum for 221g's in Vancouver in 2016. I thought of following the same for Ottawa consulate. I request everyone who have attended interview in Ottawa and got 221g and still awaiting the response, Please update the case in this posting with interview date, case status date (if any update), # days waiting so far (only working days) & if possible interview experience in brief, I am giving my details below: 1. Interview date & Time: 15th June 9am 2. Case created / Status update: 15th june 2016 3. # of working days so far: 14 days 4. Consulate kept any docs : CV 5. Consulate kept Passport : NO 6. VO comment: We need to do additional processing and it will take 2-3 weeks 7. Color of 221g : BLUE 8. Any other info would like to share: 9. Still in CANADA ?? I think this will be helpful to track all 221g's in one post. And helpful to us and others
  7. shuchigupta

    DS160 location and stamping location

    Hi, I had the similar issue, I filled my first DS160 with Toronto as the interview location and later on realized after checking the Canadian visa website that no dates were available till Jan 2017 and I took Ottawa as the location instead. I called up the Canadian US visa support center and was told that I should do a new DS160 and I can write an email to them as ask them to update my new DS160 number which they did. But, when I went for the interview the officer at the post had my earlier DS160 and it caused lot of confusion for them as they had to change things manually in system. So they were not that happy about and ofcourse not a situation that I would like to be in as they had to then check both my DS160 and might be the reason for administrative processing. I was given 221g and the officer at post dint gave me any reason. But I assume this could be one. I am still waiting for their reply. SO I would suggest not to do these changes atleast for canada. Its not helpful.
  8. Hi all, I work directly with my employer which is a well known university on H1b research position. I had to travel to India due to a family emergency and wanted to get my stamping done. Since their were no dates in India till September 2016 and I could get dates in Ottawa, I came from India to Canada for stamping. I traveled from India via Newark to Ottawa. The immigration at Newark stamped B2/transit stamp on my passport. But online I94 is valid till Dec 2016. In Ottawa, unfortunately I got stuck with 221g and have now been waiting since 2 weeks. I have been living in a place and everyday the expenses are increasing. I have following questions : 1. Can I travel to USA back on B2 stamp? 2. If I get to enter USA on B2, what happens to my H1b status?? 3. Can I stay on B2 in USA and not draw salary and go back to Ottawa once the administrative processing for my H1b is finished? Any other advice which can be help in this situation are also welcomed. Thanks
  9. shuchigupta

    221g Blue Slip - H1B - Ottawa

    Hi Saurabh, I am in the same situation as you are. This was my second H1b stamping, went for my interview in Ottawa. the lady officer asked about my research work in the university and asked for my resume. She spent 2-3 mins on my resume continuously typing on her system and in the end told me that she needs Additional Processing. She returned my passport with blue slip with no ticks for additional documents. Its been a week already and I am stuck in Ottawa. I have done my Phd from Germany and doing Post doc in US. So have no education from USA. I had my previous stamping Toronto that went smooth, so I am not sure what went wrong this time. Did you get any update from the embassy ? I was wondering if the international students office at University can contact the embassy and speeden the process. I hope this whole ordeal comes to end soon. shuchi
  10. shuchigupta

    changing DS160 number after taking appointment

    Yaa I had to submit my First DS160 to make an appointment with US embassy. After taking the appointment, I called embassy and was told to submit a new DS160 and request the customer care of US embassy in Canada by email to change the DS160 number on their system. This was the easiest way as on Phone, the embassy told me they would have to cancel my existing appointment and give me the new one. It took them 3-4 business days and today I got the confirmation email that my DS160 has been updated on the system and I keep my fingers crossed from my interview tomorrow. Thanks
  11. shuchigupta

    Successful H1B stamping at Ottawa, Canada

    how long are they taking in Ottawa to return your stamped passport ?
  12. I had to go for my H1b stamping to canada and thus I filled Ds160 for US embassy in Toronto, but since there are no dates available till Jan 2017, I ended up choosing Ottawa as location and got only available appointment of June 15. Now I realized that I have to fill in a new DS160 and update the new DS160 with the US embassy in Canada. My question is: 1. is there any way to get the Ds160 updated without cancelling the appointment ? 2. Can this info be updated at the time of interview? Any other suggestion for handling this situation is also welcome. Thanks
  13. shuchigupta

    H1B stamping in Ottawa

    Hi Kavya, i will be travelling to Ottawa from Delhi for H1b stamping. My date is 15 June. I was in delhi due to family emergency. Wanted to get stamping done in Delhi, getting no early appointments and thus decided to go to Canada. Its crazy that their are no dates available in India as well as in Toronto. What about you?