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  1. Did you answer yes or No to that question.
  2. Hi.I enrolled in college for my second Master's and started working from day1 on CPT.that college offers CPT from days 1 and this year my H1B not only approved but also COS approved. I have too many friend who got their H1B and COS approved eveb they also started working from day 1. I do not see any issues in working on CPT from day 1
  3. Iumair85

    CPT to H1B

    Hi.i came to us on f1 visa for MS degree. I completed my degree and started working on OPT. I was granted 29 month of OPT and I was not lucky enough to get selected in lottery and then joined college and started working on CPT from day1.I have heard people say not to use CPT but this year not only my H1B selected but also my change of status approved.I am now working on H1B.there is a guy JOEF on Murthy blogs,he wil always discourage you not to use CPT.i know many of my friends and even I am example of using CPT from day1 and now working on H1B.
  4. Hi Attorney Do you expect the date of filing to be honored by USCIS for the month of Septber 2016.I need to apply for EAD/AP/485.
  5. Is the TVU only instituition giving CPT from day 1.I know it has its impact but most people get their visas even attending interview.you guys always make the big deal of small issues.
  6. Who said working on CPT is illegal.Many of my friends got approved this year while working on CPT. Just stuck to question.can she stay in US if her H1B is approved by COS is denied?
  7. Hi Attorney. I am from ROW and my priority date is sep 04 2015.I checked in august bulletin that priority date is not current.when can I file for I485.my I140 is in pending with premium processing.I have heard that Priority date will become current for ROW again from fiscal year 2017.is it true?
  8. HI. I am here on F2 visa and my husband employer has filed I-485 for him. As we are from country where Priority date is current. My I-485 is also filed along with my husband petition. My question is . I am currently pregnant and have approved Medical emergency services(Labor and Delivery only) from state where I live in. Is it really going to be an issue if I use Medical emergency services and my I-485 is in pending. Will I face any challenge as I am getting benefits from State. Can USCIS issue RFE or Deny me Petition for taking help from state for Medical emergency services. I heard emergency Medical Services are not subject to public charges.
  9. Same scenario I am facing.Applied for H1b and project ended on 14 april.working on different client but same metropolitan area.can my employer amend LCA if RFE comes.any insight?
  10. Hi Attorney. My H1B petition got selected in lottery and this is my second Masters in US. I am working on CPT from day 1.I have heard that working more than 40 hours on full time Cpt are not allowed. Can you please put your insight on this
  11. You can apply forGC on F1.Did you get your GC.Any issues in I140 or I485 stage
  12. My PERM has been approved and I am going to apply for I140 and my priority date is current. PERM states that I should have 12 months of relevent experince and should have US master,s degree which I have. I joined previous employer on april 2014 and worked till july 2015. But when i joined my employer I was hired as a System Engineer but after 1 month I started working as a Sr. Database Developer and worked on the same position till july 2015 untill I left my previous employer. The question I have is In the PERM application, we mentioned that I was working as a Sr. Database Developer from day one. And previous employer issued me experience letter for working as a Sr. Database developer from may 2014 to july 2015. Can I get RFE in 140 stage that why I mentioned in my PERM that I started working as a Sr. Database Developer from day 1 where else experience letter is saying that I started working as a Sr. Database Developer from may 2014 or USCIS is only interested to see the 12 months of experience as a sr. Database developer which I have and can be proven from the experience letter I received from previous employer. I know Murthy Attorneys are very competant and have great experience in these type of issues. Any response from Attorneys will be highly appreciated. Other fellows can also put their insight on this.