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  1. Hello, Yes, it is completely OK to leave the field blank as your spouse is applying for the H1B extension at the same time (concurrent filing). I have had the same question and multiple people have confirmed their attorneys doing the same. I think you are in good hands.
  2. You can add your wife's H4 and EAD extension documents in the same packet. Most likely they will all get approved in premium processing. This is the best approach for you.
  3. Great. Thank you. I have been trying to find an answer for this for a while now. So once you have been selected in lottery (even though if you have never worked on it or activated that H-1B) you should be cap exempt the next time you apply for a profit H-1B (provided you have been on a cap exempt H-1B (non-profit) within the past 5 years).
  4. Anand, Both H1B and H4 is showing approved online? You or employer did not receive the I797s? I am in the same boat. H1B shows approved online 10 days ago but the attorney did not receive anything yet in the mail. Thanks.
  5. The beneficiary should have been in H-1B status. Does it matter if it is cap exempt (nonprofit) H1B?
  6. gotbeer

    H1/H4 extension together with H4 EAD - Premium processing

    Hello, Did you have to also add a cover letter for H4 and H4 EAD or just added the required documentation to your H-1B extension packet?
  7. There is no easy way to change from a cap exempt to a non cap exempt unless you were counted in the quota already. If the cap exempt H1 is your first then it is mandatory that you find a company that can apply for your H1 in the quota in April and wait 6 months for you to start in October (none would do it practically unless it is a consultancy of some sort). This is based on my understanding. i will let the experts confirm.
  8. Hello, I am going to apply concurrently for an extension of my H1B along with H4 and H4 EAD. I am preparing the dependent documents myself. The plan is to have the attorney put the H4/EAD extension documents in the same packet as my H1B. Can you let me know if I can put up the I-539 and I-765 along with one set of supporting documents or should I have 2 separate set of supporting documents, one for H4 extension and one for H4 EAD. Also do I need to include a letter for the dependent (H4/H4 EAD) petitions or since they are going to be in the same packet as the H1B extension, I don't need to put any additional letters? Thanks and your guidance is greatly appreciated.
  9. gotbeer

    Moving back to H-1B from H4 EAD

    @Safi Should go through lottery again even though the cap subject petition from 2013 was selected in the lottery?
  10. gotbeer

    Moving back to H-1B from H4 EAD

    I have the same question. If we never worked on the cap-subject H1B should we still go through the cap H1B process again (lottery etc.)?
  11. Hello, My friend is working on a cap exempt H1B for a non-profit org after OPT. He later had another company B file a H1B under the regular quota but couldnt join the new company on Oct 1. The company B then revoked the H1B as per process as the employee couldnt join. He never worked on the cap H1B. 1. Is he now eligible to apply for a job in profit organizations and will he be cap exempt as he once had a H1B approval through the quota? OR should he be going through the quota H1B process again? 2. If he does not have to go through the quota again, when the new company files for H1B will they ask for current non-profit H1B I797 or the one that got revoked? Thanks.
  12. gotbeer

    Non-profit org to Profit org H1B Question

    Anyone has any input on this situation? Thanks.
  13. gotbeer

    Non-profit org to Profit org H1B Question

    Yes, he is on cap exempt H1B now.
  14. Maybe your I-94 travel history? (it should show your last date on entry in the US)?
  15. Hi, I think this is normal. As long as it shows as H4 on your spouse's DS-160 and your appointment confirmation is for 2 people in the H&L visa category I think you are fine.
  16. Got it. My interview was on the 29th but with a 221G. Passport was taken.
  17. Hello, Why would you get a case# when your visa was approved. I mean I am in the same boat but the VO said they need to do AP and gave me a 221G. VO didn’t mention the visa was approved but took my passport. Thanks
  18. gotbeer

    221(g) for H4 visa applicant

    Hello, Can you let me know how long it took for the 221g to get cleared on the H4? Hopefully your case has been cleared. Thanks.
  19. 1) How would I answer the question - " Have you ever been issued a U.S. Visa? " Yes 2) Which visa details should we be entering, since the stamp she has is for the time when she was on the H4 visa? H4 3) If it is the F1 visa details that we should be providing here, would the answer for the - "Date Last Visa Was Issued" be the date when the COS was approved? Enter H4 visa details only. there will be a question asking if you are applying for the same visa this time around. Then you say 'No' as this time it will be for H1B.
  20. Hello, My old passport was about to expire and so got it renewed June 2015 and received a new passport with a new number etc. I had to also renew my H1B (extension) and it was approved in Sep 2015. So, at this time I have a new passport and a new I797 with an I94 attached. I have a couple of questions: 1) I cannot print my I94 online with the new passport number. I can get the old I94 using my old passport number which is no longer valid. Is the I94 attached to my current I797 extension the current I94 that I should be using? 2) I plan to visit India sometime this year so i have to go to the consulate to get a new visa for my H1B extension. I believe the new visa will be on my new passport correct? and when I enter the country I will be given a new I94 after which I can go online and try to print my I94 with the new passport details? Thanks in advance for your inputs. Regards, Kumar
  21. gotbeer

    OPT expiring May 31st

    I suggest you go ahead and apply for OPT extension. You might not get a decision in time if your current OPT is expiring in March (Your title say May 31 though). I've read that DHS is requesting the court to extend the timeframe for a response on the rule to May (currently Feb 12, 2016). If that is approved, it could buy you some time. If the court denies the request the case will be different. Its a bit tricky.