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    H1b Cap exempt

    Hi, I was on L2 Visa from 2006-2011 in US, and worked on EAD from (March 2007-Aug 2011) - total 4.5 years Through the same company got my H1B approved in 2009 - total years on H1B in ~ 2 years Then I moved back to India and I'm out of country since then ~ 3.8 years and now back to US on H4 Visa. My question: 1) Can I apply for H1B cap Exempt? 2)How many years can my employer claim? L2 EAD + H1 ~ 4.5 years, So do I get 1.5 years or since my 6 years ends this year Sep 2015, do I get only 4 months? 3)When can I start working? Thank you
  2. rcd321

    USCIS Suspend Premium Process

    Does it mean even h1b amendment?
  3. So is it better to travel with lca location change and no h1b amendment. Lawyer is saying to not work for 5-10 days after I reach there, until the h1b amendment is filed and there will be no issue at poe. Is this true?
  4. Does this apply to H1 amendment too? I have to travel first time(Visa stamped on Dec 2014- valid until Sep. 2015) from India to US, LCA was applied for location change and amendment, which I should be getting by this weekend. Company has approved to file for H1B amendment under PP. Now because of this new rule, The lawyer is suggesting to travel without filing for H1B amendment and once I land immediately the next day we'll start the amendment. Is this advisable? Please advice. Thank you
  5. Please someone respond, If it is ok to travel with an LCA change and start amendment once I reach there.
  6. Hi, I work for a MNC company in India. I got my H1B stamped in Dec 2014, I will be travelling to US my the end of this month to a different client location. LCA for the new is done. Lawyer is saying amendment can be started once I reached US. Is this true? Will I have an issue at POE? Thank you,