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  1. sharan0987

    H1 to H4 COS , EAD Concurrent filing

    @shekar11# Based on your response on 2nd point, I have sent you private message. Could you please check and respond. I would really appreciate if you could help me ? Thanks Sharan
  2. sharan0987

    H4 (COS) + H4 EAD - no emp gap

    Hi, I am applying H4 (COS) + H4 EAD for my wife, who is working FT with end client. I would like to know if USCIS approves both (I539 + I765) together ? I do not want them to approve H4 first and then create a gap for H4 EAD to get approved. This will result in loss of employment. Can anybody please help us please who applied and successfully both got approved together? Can we request USCIS to honor this, if we make a request? Thanks Sharan
  3. sharan0987

    Vancouver Loomis Location

    Hello, I see that - 303 VERNON DRIVE is closer to the consulate. But I have seen many suggesting 5000 Miller Road, Richmond. Which location should I be selecting to be safe?
  4. Great ! Yes I see open slots in Ottawa. Will wait for Vancouver slots to open up.
  5. Thanks dr_virgoice ! Yes waiting for the slots to open up. I am specifically looking in Vancouver !
  6. This has been there for past 20 days. We are all waiting for the site upgrade to finish which I am hoping will be done soon.