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  1. globalcitizen1

    Work in India on US Payroll?

    Yes JoeF. HR and Mobility groups are guiding the conversation. Thank you so much for the post!
  2. globalcitizen1

    Work in India on US Payroll?

    Again, I appreciate your kind contributions to this discussion. Thank you.
  3. globalcitizen1

    Work in India on US Payroll?

    Thank you so much for the tips Stonecold_1981. My supervisor (who is a VP in the company) is in discussions with the teams involved. You are correct in that the situation involves a combination of company precedents and our appetite for trying something new in the best interest of company growth and performance. Also, very comforting to know the PERM can continue regardless of the 'temporary' international options. However, at the moment it seems the H1B will have to be withdrawn. I really appreciate the post!
  4. globalcitizen1

    Work in India on US Payroll?

    t75, I truly appreciate your response. But I also feel it is a tad bit presumptuous of you to call me arrogant. The US pay-scale for this assignment is a requirement stated by my immediate boss (who is a US citizen, in case you are curious). So I am not deciding any policies for my company, but am simply inquisitive about what the laws state. But regardless of the snide remark that you think you are entitled to after 10K+ posts, I thank you for worrying about my employment. :)
  5. globalcitizen1

    Work in India on US Payroll?

    Hi there. I work for a large US multinational Engineering & Service Firm (50K+ employees worldwide) on H1B visa with a PERM priority date of Oct 2012. As I am growing professionally, I have been tasked with leading a regional team out of India for EMEA (Europe/MiddleEast/Asia). Questions: - Will my H1B visa or my PERM application need to be withdrawn after I leave US? - Also, my company's officials tell me that I cannot be on US payroll while working in India since I am a citizen of India. Can someone please confirm this and/or suggest a solution to retain the pay package as on US payroll? - Alternative is to be on a UAE payroll and work in India. Would that be possible? Or Would I need to work in UAE only with a UAE payroll? Some details: - India Citizen to work in India on US payroll - Currently in US on H1B visa - EB2 priority date Oct 2012 - 2 year assignment to work from India (flexible on the assignment term - even less than 1 year to make things work and repeat) - Need to retain US payroll (or some international Payroll) to keep the same pay package - Willing to work with alternative solutions to spend less than 100% time in India as long as I can stay compliant with norms. - The company has establishments in India and Middle East. All suggestions are welcome! Thank you so much!