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  1. guest303

    Immigration Related Issues of COVID-19

    We have filed for H1B, H4 and H4EAD extension beginning of March. We had an appointment scheduled on April 2 for Biometrics but USCIS offices were closed and have not received a rescheduled appointment letter. What should we do?
  2. Hello, We have filed for H1 and H4 visa renewal last week, have not received receipt yet. USCIS in-person appointments are canceled. 1) My wife had biometrics done a couple of months ago for Canada's visitor visa, will that biometrics still valid for H4 renewal or she will need to do it again? 2) Can we change case to premium after biometrics is done? 3) How long does it take for H4 approval after the biometric is done, assuming the case is changed to premium?
  3. guest303

    H1 sponsorship this cap

    Hi, The employer is aware of expenses and finding a project. Question is: "Does project need to start from April or October?" Thanks
  4. guest303

    H1 sponsorship this cap

    I am currently working with a startup company and was looking for H1 sponsorship this year. They do not want to sponsor and cannot work corp-corp. Employer B is ready to file my H1 but I am not on their payroll yet. Questions: 1) Do I need to be on employer B's payroll from April 1st? 2) Is it ok if they file a case in this April cap, I find another project through them and provide a client letter later? Thank you.
  5. guest303

    H1 Transfer withdrawal question

    if request client to withdraw transfer, is old approval still valid?
  6. I got H1 approval for 3 years (2020) with client A. client B has filed H1 transfer in August and received RFE last week.., I started working with them full time and currently on their payroll. Is there anyway I can withdraw transfer application? Is last H1 approval still valid? client A has not cancelled yet. Thanks
  7. I am on H4 visa. I went for driver's license renewal .. I gave them H4EAD instead of H4 approval notice. They said they need to verify lawful presence. After 5 days, I received a letter saying "Lawful presence is not verified" They sent it to third verification with USCIS and will take 20 business days to get response. They verified status using I94 arrival/departure record also. Please let me know what should I do? Thanks
  8. I have filed H1 extension premium processing. USCIS case status shows "Case Was Received and A Receipt Notice Was Emailed on Feb 7th". but USCIS case history shows "Received date is 3rd Feb and sent RFE on 6th Feb" We have not received any document requesting additional documents yet. 1. what are the chances they have sent request for additional docs? 2. why history and status are different? 3. can status be wrong? thanks
  9. I have filed H1B extension in premium process. What is the processing time currently?
  10. Hi, My visa expiring this March, 2017. This is almost 9 years of extension with I-140 approved. H1 and dependent H4 renewal are in process. I have submitted all required documents except client letter. What are the chances of RFE? Thanks.
  11. Hi, I and my son(US born) travelled to India last month. while coming back, Immigration officer stamped 11th instead of 12th date on my passport of admitted and did not stamp on my son's passport. I asked at the airport, they said, it is fine. Please let me know. Thanks
  12. Hello, I have traveled on my current visa stamping last year and which is valid till 2017. I applied and received H4 EAD card. What documents should I carry? any rule changes after EAD card? Is H4 stamping still valid? Thank you.
  13. Hello, I and my son(2 years old) are traveling to India next week for 3 weeks. He has PIO card valid lifelong. - Can he travel on PIO card? - I already travelled on my current visa stamping last year which is valid till 2017, is there any changes in rules from last year? Thank you.
  14. guest303

    DS160 H4 stamping help

    Hello I am going for H4 stamping in Chennai. I have one confustion. DS160- my husband wrote his name under petitioner section. Is it ok or it should be his employer's details? Thanks