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  1. aak0920

    H1B RFE

    Hi, I have transferred my H1b from Indian company in US to [Recruiter company / Sister concern] on June 2012 and got the first petition approved for one year. I filled my extension on June 2013 and got it approved until June 2016. Went to Canada for stamping in the first quarter of 2014 and Got a 221g there but finally Visa stamped until 2016 Everything was going fine and Suddenly, my attorney and employer called that they received the revocation notice from USCIS for Dec 2014 and they filed a new petition before the revocation on DEC 2014 and that went to RFE last week. Employer and attorney are not clearly discussing about the revocation notice and also about RFE information. Currently I am working with same client for the past three years after my transfer. I am now worried as it could be a big issue with some kind of Client Vendor relationship and rejection is in line and need to know the below 1. what are all the options I have, in case If my RFE gets rejected. 2. Can I do something now like transferring my h1b before it gets rejected so that I will be on safe boat. I have got my I140 approved too. Please let me know if anyone has any thoughts.
  2. aak0920

    221g White form at Ottawa

    Nope , I already got h1b with company A.This is with company B
  3. aak0920

    221g White form at Ottawa

    ME: Very Good Morning , Sir. ( I handed over the cover with my Passport and I797) VO : Good Morning. VO: Who is your employer? VO : What does your employer do? ME : They do provide resource outsourcing to the end client. VO: How long you been staying in US? ME : 2 Year 9 Months. VO: How long you been working with your employer? ME: 1 Year 6 Months. VO: Who is ur Client? VO: What do you do for your client? ME : Analyse, Design, Develop , Maintain the customer websolution in order to satisfy their customer needs. VO : Are you married? ME : I am still Single. VO : Where do you live? VO: Who do you report to Employer? VO : Who do you report to Client? VO: (He was reviewing in his computer for 5 seconds and took my passport and gave white 221 G and gave it to me saying..) We need to do some administrative processing which might need 4-5 days which is extra than the usual time. ME. SureThanks. Have a good day.
  4. aak0920

    Calling all Toronto 221Gs

    Hi, Have you received your stamped passport yet. I also got 221g white form in Ottawa today. Just curious of the waiting time.
  5. aak0920

    221g White form at Ottawa

    Hi, I was given 221G white form , Pending Further processing in Ottawa. Anyone has any idea?? They took my passport though. Please let me know if anyone else if of same case and how long was the waiting time ? Thanks,
  6. Hi, I am traveling for visa stamping to Ottawa on Jan 28th and until 31st Jan I would like to share accommodation if anyone is willing to.Please respond me me any anyone else want to join me…. Thanks,