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    Work in India on US Payroll?

    Hi globalcitizen1, I am currently in the same situation as you were couple of years back. My company is starting a new team and I am pursuing that opportunity to lead the team but I wanted to know the options/possibilities to work there and still be on US payroll and come back to the US so that I dont lose all that I waited for to get a GC. I am in EB-3 with priority date of 08/2011. Can you please share your input here, what are things to ask HR if I want to go and work in India with US payroll for short term i.e. a year or two. Thanks!!
  2. Hello Readers, I am at cross-roads and need to make many decisions with very little time. I can take as much help as possible. Here is my situation: 1) got a very good career opportunity to start and lead a team in India for my current employer who has a presence in India. They want me to go there and start and lead the team as a manager but here are my concerns: a) I am on H-1B visa, with approved I-140(EB-3) b) wife is currently on H4-EAD and working for a company. c) 3 kids, 2 are school going and 1 pre-school age. 2) Can I go and work in India with US payroll and shuttle often i.e. once in 3-5 months because I dont want to waste all that I have done to get to this point in my GC processing, so is it possible keep my H-1B status and still be able to take the career opportunity till i get my green card? 3) what would happen to my I-140 if I leave the country and come back after couple of years? Will I-140 be still active if my employer doesnt withdraw it?
  3. Hi, On April 27th my wife and I appeared for the H1-B visa. I work as a full time employee and my wife works as a contrator for a different company. I got my visa with only 1 question asked but for my wife the interview went for about 30 mins. At the end the VO said that they need to verify few things and need to send the documents for verification. We have not been given any timeline or any sort of communication, no slip nothing. We emailed the VFS center in Hyderabad, they just forwarded the email to US consulate we did not hear back anything yet. Can you please update if there is any progress on your end and did you get in touch with anyone in the US consulate? Thanks V