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  1. I am travelling on July 20th. let me know if you are interested. Thanks
  2. Hi Vikas, I have interview on same date July 21st in Kingston. email me if you are interested. you can find my email address in my profile. Thanks
  3. Aug 13th is latest date available now
  4. Hi Andy, I have interview on 21 st July. looking for accommodation in Kingston. let me know, if you are interested. you can find my email address in my profile. Thanks
  5. I updated my contact in profile. u can email me
  6. Thanks every one for replying my post. Good news, I entered in to the us with out stamp on my passport. I know nobody believes, even I dont believe. I had no hopes, 99% negative, but I just gave it a try, worked out. I am in the us now, replying to post from my office. It was my mistake, I went to mexico with out checking whether they do first time H1b or not. but enterd in to mexico and VO said we dont do first H1B here, got shocked, dont know what to do, then immediately posted in forum for help and thought anyway going home, lets give it a try to cross the border. border is just 3miles from my hotel, took a cab reached the border around 12:30 pm, stood in a line for 45 minutes to reach the port of entry. The person interviewed me looks like asian and he is in his late fifties. me : gave my passport didnt say any thing CBP: R u still student? me : I am on my H1B visa, working for some company CBP:Where is u r H1 visa ? Me: I dont have, I came to mexico to get the visa stamp, I had a interview two hours back, here is my appointment confirmation and fee recipt. but in consulate they said, they are not doing first time H1B visa CBP : you have to have H1 visa to enter into the US Me: yeah I know, but consulate refused to give me and I said, I have all my valid I-797, I-94 and I-129 pettetion with me. handed over the i-797 and i-94 to him CBP: he seen the 797 and read all instructions behind the doc asked me do u know where to get your visa. me : yeah, I know, my home country, but I have no plans to go now. that is the reason I have come to mexico but unfortunately they said no CBP: He scanned my F1 visa, searched for some thing. then asked me to follow, to his supervisor. he discussed with him about me and shown my documents, reason why I rejected. I had strong feeling he is gonna say no and leave the country now, but he has come to me and said dont leave the country again with out vaild visa.you can go now. Surprise!!! I couldn't believe. in next 1 hour I booked ticket to my city from san diego. I was lucky enough to get out of that, but do not try this and dont go to mexico for the first time h1b. Thanks agian
  7. soman29

    Any dates available in Jamaica

    can any one tell me visa dates available to end of this month?
  8. Today, I had my interview in Tijuana for first time H1B visa, I was not aware, Tijuana Mexico consulate does only H1 renewals. VO said we dont do first time H1B , go your home country to get stamp.no forms given just gave me passport and documents back. while entering in to mexico no one asked me about my passport or visa. no one collected I -94 I got my H1 last year 2012, I been working for 13 months I have my valid I-797 and i-94 with me I have Valid F1 visa till Dec16 My question is can I enter into the US with above documents or I need to go back to home to get stamp on passport.
  9. I have ASC appointment on 15 th and visa interview on 19th. so i will be there 14 to 21. any body is going to Tijuana in the same time? send me email.