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  1. Hi, My mother had just applied my GC via Follow to join and I should be receiving my green card soon. I am a medical student and have to study around 4-5 years abroad to complete my degree. How can i retain my GC. Please advise
  2. I am an LPR and would like to process GC for my minor son who lives abroad via Follow to join but my priority dates have retrogressed: 1. Will there be a wait time since my priority date is NOT current ? 2. Will Family based be a much quicker option? Please help.
  3. MobileData31

    H1B to H4 and back to H1

    Hi, I had applied change of status from H1B to H4 and currently awaiting approval. Between I have plans to join my original H1B employer, Please guide me on the steps to reinstate my H1B. 1. Can I withdraw my pending H4 COS application and continue working on H1B straight away without any H1B amendment/application? 2. If H4 COS is approved, What should be the process? Please advice, Thanks
  4. MobileData31

    Birth Place Question

    Hi, please provide your inputs: 1. My birth was from a village X which falls within the District ABC. 2. My passport and other docs display my Birth place as District ABC and NOT Village X. 3. My Birth certificate has birth place as Village X. Is this OK for I485 filing ?
  5. Hi, DOB in my Birth certificate and Passport is different . I don't think I have time to get those corrected as I have to file my I485 asap. 1. Can i give affidavits from my parents that DOB is wrong in Birth certificate
  6. My PD is current and my marriage is planned for early next year. My prospective spouse is on H1B. 1. Should I initiate my I485 process and then add my spouse later via Family based? How long would be her wait time. I heard family based movements are slow and would normally take between 2- 3 years. 2. Should I just wait for my marriage to be over and file together? I understand that the dates will retrogress by November. My PD is Sept 2008 and my friends told me that it should be current again by Oct 2015. Please provide suggestions
  7. MobileData31

    140-Dependant Question

    Hi, I am preparing to file I140 , I need to know if I can include my dependents name in I140 form even when they are not living in United states. They live in a different country but have dependent visa. Please provide your suggestions. Thanks MobileData