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  1. usa123

    H4 visa with newly approved extension

    Thanks for your reply. I am going to use my current valid one. My hr and lawyer suggested the same.
  2. Hi, My current H1B petition expires on sep 30 2015 and my employer filed for my extension and got approval for couple of more years. The new approved extension start date is OCT 1st, 2015. My wife is in India at this time and will be attending H4 visa interview in a couple of weeks. Now should I use my current petition which expires on Sep 30th or can I use my latest approved extension which starts on Oct 1st in her DS160? Note: this is her first H4 visa interview. Please suggest. Thank you
  3. Return ticket is mandatory for visiting jamaica. return ticket to USA is fine.
  4. usa123

    visa interview experience in jamaica

    They didn't ask me. It's good to have it but if you couldn't get it just make sure you carry other supporting docs like emails and Client ID. As far as I know they didn't ask others who attended interview with me too.
  5. Hi, I had my visa interview today in Kingston, Jamaica. Visa is approved. Make sure you take a pen with you and No electronics. who do you work for? give me your i 20's? what is your job title? who is your client? how long you been working for your employer? where did you study? what is your major? when did you graduate? when are you leaving jamaica? Gave me red slip and asked to pick up passport on friday. Good luck everyone. please make sure you carry all your documents.
  6. As long as you are in valid Status in USA you will be fine. I have the same case and I attended visa interview today and everything went well. Make sure you carry all i 20's till date.They are asking for these.
  7. I am expecting i will receive passport by march 14 th friday. so I am planning to stay till friday and flyback on friday.
  8. Hello, I have visa appointment in Kingston, Jamaica on 11th march and will be reaching Kingston on 10th march. Any one interested in sharing accomodation please let me know. my email is on my profile id. thank you
  9. Hi, I have scheduled my visa appointment on March 11th in kingston, Jamaica. I am looking to share accommodation. If interested please contact me by email Id on my profile. Thank you
  10. usa123

    Visa Approved Vancouver - Jan 13

    Thanks for sharing your experience. How to check if a university is accredited? My university website states that it is accredited by North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. Is this a valid accreditation?.
  11. usa123

    Flight trip to kingston Jamaica

    You have to buy two way, otherwise the immigration at Jamaica will make you buy a ticket to India. You can buy a refundable return ticket to USA and cancel it after your visa interview and buy a regular one. Refundable will be costly but you will get the full refund when you cancel it.
  12. I think you can't enter US with F-1 visa as you status has already changed to H1. First check with other US consulates in Mexico if they process first time H1B's. You should either go to home country for stamping or you can try Jamaica as you don't need a prior visa to enter Jamaica. But make sure you have direct flights from Mexico to Jamica with out entering US. Also contact your attorney. Good Luck
  13. A friend of mine suggested the liguanea club. You should be able to find it in google. costs around $100/night including taxes. he mentioned lot of guys going to visa interview prefer this place. 10 min in cab from consulate. you can ask front desk people to call a cab for you.
  14. usa123

    H1b Stamping Jamica Nov 18th

    ok.. finally I figured it out how you can contact me. Visit my profile and you can find my email ID on my profile. Mail me. Thank you