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  1. Hi All, I have attended h-1b visa renewal interview @ Hyd consulate today and it got approved. My background - Have done masters in US and currently in 7th year of my H-1b My visa interview experience - 1) Who is your petitioner? 2) How many employees working in your company? 3) How long have you been working for the petitioner? 4) What is your designation? 5) What is your salary ? 6) What is your highest qualification? 7) Done master's from which university? 8) Is your husband also working on h-1b visa? And finally - VISA APPROVED!!!
  2. Here are the available dates in Jan at Hyd consulate - 8 - 15, 19-25,28,29
  3. Hi akchilu - Yes, my fiancé collected his passport today afternoon.
  4. Hi All, My Fiance attended his h1b visa renewal interview @ Hyd consulate on November 9th and his visa got approved. His background - did masters in US and have been working on H1b since 2012. Here are the questions he was asked - 1) Who is your petitioner? 2) How long have you been working for the petitioner? 3) What is your role? 4) What degree do you have? 5) Did you like the school you went? 6) Is this your first job? And finally - VISA APPROVED!!! All the very best to everyone going for their respective visa interviews.
  5. Jc2013

    H1B Stamping with Internal Project.?

    Hi There, Even I went with an internal project for stamping in Vancouver on Oct 8th and it got approved. Make sure that you know all the details of your company perfectly like - what your company does? How many staff in total? All this general information. Thanks, JC
  6. Hi, I had my interview in Vancouver on Oct 8th for H1 b and it got approved. Looks like nothing in consulate has been effected by the govt shutdown. Thanks, JC
  7. I have updated my profile with my e-mail ID. Feel free to send me e-mail at your convenience.
  8. Hi Archana, I will be also reaching vacouver on 7th evening. As both our dates are close by, it would be perfect to share accomodation with you. Please let me know what time you will be reaching Vancouer, so that we can plan accordingly. Thanks, JC
  9. Hi , I have a visa interview on Oct 8 in Vancouver . I am looking for shared accommodation with a female. I am planning to stay in Vancouver from Oct 7 till Oct 10. Thanks , Jc