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  1. Hi All, I came to canada in September, my stamping was done after a long wait(got 221G), now I am coming back to US on Nov 15th. But the issue is, my project ended last week(Nov 8th), will this be an issue at port of entry? What are the questions they will ask at port of entry? Will there be any questions about end client? What should I tell? Please Advice?
  2. Dude...I have applied my H1 in general quota, it got approved by answering a query about my education background....... ..........Now since last 2 years I am completely in to IT....I can support myself by mentioning these points........lets see how it goes........
  3. Hi All, I have a bachelors degree in arts(from India), and did my 1st masters related to arts(in US)......later I did my 2nd masters in Computers(in US) from an un accreted university.......but I have been working in IT since last 3 years on H1........how can I support myself when I go for stamping........ Thanks in advance Ram
  4. Hi All, This is Ram, I have an appointment in Vancouver on Oct 11th, looking for accommodation from Oct 10th to Oct 17th, if any one is planning to share there place please respond Thanks, Ram