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  1. Yes. I agree with you. That would be very helpful! I read one of the other blog/forum and one of the post mentions that one guy filed for H1B without LCA and USCIS rejected his/her application. That is the recent case of Oct'2013. This matter definitely needs to resolve ASAP!! Very very frustrating...
  2. No. Spouse is on H4 visa. What will happen if I switch to B2 visa and then LCA get approves (once shutdown over)? Should I apply again for COS from B2 to H1 visa and then ask for H1 extension? Is it straight forward? Also, the extension I am talking about is for 7th year on H1B and with pending BALCA appeal!!
  3. Hi, LCA is filed and waiting for approval from DOL. But, due to government shutdown can't do anything! H1-B visa is about to expire in last week of Oct'2013. In such situation, is it legal to stay in US or not? Any other options or alternatives? Government shutdown is a special case and it is NOT our fault!! Also, USCIS seems not started accepting H1B extension application with proof of pending LCA (as did in past). So frustrating...:( Appreciate any updates regarding this issue! Thank you...
  4. Yes. I understand that. However, employer seems worried about RFE and saying that ultimately it will get delayed on that as well (premium proces). I know it is werid but, looks like not much confident because of 7th year extension and that's on basis of pending BALCA appeal. Does it still makes sense to go for premium process in such situation or simply doesn't matter whatever reason for extension? Thank you for your reply.
  5. Hi, In 6th year and about to end in less than month. Employer is going to apply for 7th year of extension on basis of pending BALCA appeal. Is it good and make sense to apply it with premium process or should go with normal process? Asking because I am not sure if it will get approved for 7th year or deny!! Thank you in advanced.
  6. Hi, Is it possible to start a GC process with company C, while your GC with company A is pending BALCA appeal and GC with company B is denied? Is it possible to take this step in end of 6th year and go to do extension of 7th year on basis of pending BALCA appeal? Thanks in advanced!