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  1. h1btierd

    H1b stamping in Mexico City

    Below is my H1b renewal stamping experience at Mexico city. I attended ASC on 2/13 7:30 AM and it took just 15 minutes for the whole process. The Consular appointment is today 2/14/2017 7:45 AM. Reached there by 7:20 AM and after finishing the security security waited in the hall. The counters open only at 8 AM I guess. I went to counter 40. There was a lady visa officer. Here are the questions. First time or renewal Company work with? What do you do? How long you are working? Then handed over the rights form and was told the visa is approved but will take 4-6 business days because of the work load. I have requested if can be given before. The visa officer said I can try, but don't plan like this in future, you need to give a week time at least. I said sure and came back. The whole process took one hour. The status is still showing administrative processing. Any idea how many days to take to update to issued?
  2. Hi, Could you please share your experience. I am going on 8th Feb 2017. How many days will take to get the passport back?
  3. I am planning to go for H1b stamping in Mexico city on 8th and 9th. Any one planning in the date range? How many days will it take to get the passport back. Do we need to carry the original employer letter or electronic would work since my HR is in different city, I may not get the letter by tomorrow? I work as full time.
  4. h1btierd

    Travel to Mexico - Automatic revalidation

    I have been going over all the forum about the automatic visa revalidation (AVR) and got very good information and would like to share my experience too. I am in 7th year and H1b visa was expired last year and have the i-797 extension based on the i-140. I had to visit Mexico City for some training and wanted to avail the AVR. I got Mexico visitor visa, it is required since my H1 visa was expired. While checking in at houston, the airline agent was asking for Mexico visa and issued the boarding pass. the immigration at Mexico city was simple, Just asked how many days will be in Mexico. While coming back, did the web check in and got the boarding pass printed at kiosk. the security or airline agent didn't ask anything about the h1b visa. They check only the name as per the passport matches with the ticket. Once landed in US, there was a big queue and has to wait in the line for at least 40 min. Then my turn came in, the officer was nice. He just asked what do I do and was searching for my visa and I showed extension copy. Everthing went smooth.
  5. h1btierd

    H1-B Visa Stamping experience in Mexico City

    Hi, Could you please share your experience of H1b stamping at Mexico City, How many days it will take to get the passport back? Thanks
  6. h1btierd

    Travel to Mexico - Automatic revalidation

    Hi, Have you used the automatic revalidation while returning. Could you please share your experience.
  7. h1btierd

    h1b stamping questions

    I am trying to get an appointment at Mexico city for my h1b renewal. While getting the appointment, there is a question that "Have you travelled from other country to Mexico for visa?" What should be the answer? Since I am travelling from US, Does it have to be "Yes". If I answer "No", there are some additional questions being asked such as "Are you physically residing in Mexico" "Is the visa valid" "Is the visa expired in last 12 months?" If I answer "Yes" to the above question, then I am not getting these follow up questions? Please help me.
  8. I am also in the similar situation. Could you please clarify. I have an agreement with my current employer to server 4 weeks notice period, but at the same time it says it is an at-will employement. Is it conflicting? And also it doesn't say if the employer also will server 4 weeks to employee incase of termination. Is it one sided? I am planning to give 2 weeks notice. please help if this kind of contract is enforceable. Will I face any legal consequence.