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  1. Hi ,


    Nothing to worry about , it just means that consulate will not try to verify it untill your interview time . I got the same reply .


    Which consulate are you going ..?



    If possible can you ask the VO or anyone in the consulate regarding the effect of Gov shutdown on the processing times for visa stamping . { As per your result and if possible only }


    Thanks in Advance

  2. Hi Viraj ,


    I think you can go and talk to them about your situation . I think Shayona did .....Plz check the post regarding the Toronto embasys u will find .


    if at all your five bussiness days are over and you did not hear anything and if the visa is approved and told you to pick up passport .


    They even have skype id or email them . but i would prefer going to consulate rather than these waiting .


    Give a shot on monday to go in afternoon and ask them why there is no update ..

  3. Hi Viraj ,


    4 of us attended the interview on Sep th 9 for H1 b stamping .......Three of us are on IT field and one is a doctor . VISA APPROVED for everyone


    all of us got the passports by thruday and we all returned .


    My advice is to go to embassy and be in the line and check with them as its been 5 working days.


    I wish it should happen the same for you untill and unless if there is any problem .

  4. Hi Kabharad :


    I had my interview on Sep 9th toronto at 8:00am ...I came out by 8:40am with VISA APPROVED status . i am checking the CSC webiste and CEAC webiste always , but the updates are as these timing :


    Admin Processing until Sep 10th 5:00pm  then chnaged to issues ...............as of now its in issues only ..............This is form CEAC website .....Sep 13th 11:00am


    coming to the CSC website there i sno update until Sep 12th morning 7:00am . At that time they updated the way bill number . At sep 12th might 12:28am got an email from loomis to pick up teh passprot .


    I picked on sep 12th 9:30am and drove back to USA starting at 1pm thrusday sep 12th .


    CEAC i still issued only . Please chec with loomis [ they can give us infor with the reference id and our name ]  not only way bill number

  5. Hello  



    I just got an email at 12:28am sep 12th  informing that passport has been picked up and with in next few days you can pick up passport at particular loomis branch ...tomarrow i will go to loomis branch and update you . 


    Interview : Sep 9th 8:00am ............STATUS in CEAC : Administrative Processing 

    Update 1:  Sep 10th 5:00p .............STATUS in CEAC ...ISSUED


    no more updates  as of now Sep 12th 1:01am in the CEAC and CSC ..

  6. Hi Sruthi , 


    4 of us went to stamping on Sep 9th at 8:00am in toronto canada ....all of them have visa approved . 2 of us got email regarding to pick up the passport at 12:28am on sep 12th .



    Interview was not even 2 min...None of the documents were asked for me ...It all depends upon case . 


    If you have good documentation ...........any embassy is good.

  7. Hello ,


    I would like to share my exp on my stamping on Sep 9th at 8:00am [ VISA APPROVED]


    Went to consulate at 7:00am in the morning .....There are no one at that time but with in half hour there was long queue and people who have appointments at 9diff timings  also were in line .



    The lady from consulate came at 7:35 around and asked who have appointment at 8:00am and she sent rest of the people away and said to come back before 20 minutes before the interview time . All the 8:00am appointment people were in the queue . In btw i am the first one to enter the embassy as an applicant on Sep 8th .


    secuirty check .after that they took the passport ,DS160 and kept in a blue folder and aksed to go inside counter 1 where we need to submit the blue folder and these lady checks the PIMS and any other information . SHE worte on my DS 160 ......PIMS OK ..i was little relaxed at that time . gave me a token as V001 as i was teh first and told me to wait . the time was around 8:00am ..i enteed the embassy after 7:45am ish .


    Waiting for 15 min ish ,  started calling the tokens for finger prints . They started calling from V002 ,V003, until V006 . I was tensed as my number was not called and was curious what was the reason and went and asked the security guard any reason my number is not called . He siad " just wait they are not calleing sequentially "  . I am back to my seat and next my token was called to give finger prints  counter 9 probabaly or counter 10 . She told go back to seat and relax they will call . The finger prints token was V0016 .going on .


    Heard a call again for my token V001 to counter 6 .this is the final interview call ..An american guy and as per other applicants told the chinese guy was in counter 7 i think . the time was sth around 8:40am ish . Questions asked :


    1) Are you married .....any kids ........is ur husband a citizen in us .....

    2) where did u do masters and which branch

    3) r u with the same employer after masters ....i said no .....i changed to the current employer three months before and told my previous employer name

    4) what is ur role with current employer

    5) what do you sued to do for previous employer


    VISA approved .


    He didnot ask any documents ...i anxiously took out LCA ..but he didnot bother to ask ...I wonder whether he knows i am an full time employee or contracter even . I recenty moved to full tiem job keeping in mind my stampng . LOL


    I immediately asked him .how to pick up my passprt and what about my I 797 A form .........VO  said " pick up in MARKHAM LOOMIS branch and we will keep the I 797 A " form .


    The space is very limited in toronto embassy and 8:00am appointment means they did interview at 8:45pm .FYI