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  1. jalsa24

    H1B Toronto Visa Approved NO PIMS

    Hi yuvi /Nazi , I wish u people get ur passport soon , but reallly wierd to know that u didnot get a response after attending the intreview on monday and now its friday . I am sacred now as i have interview in toronto on sep 9th mondya ..fingers crossed. Plz post ur updates
  2. Hi Kumar and Nazim , Plz let us know how many days it takes for you to get the passport with the stamp
  3. Kumar , what you mean exactly by VO kept the passport ..? If the vis is approved they will send the stamped passport to the loomis branch ..ISnt it the same with you ..? Plz post the updates as i am gng to toronto
  4. Hi Mani Send me an email ..id is in my profile
  5. Hi Mani I will be driving from grand rapids . So do not want to enter from windsor side as heavy traffic . I can enter from grr--> flint . There is one more guy name rajesh having stamping on same dya ..he is driivng from chicgao .. Rajesh even booked a hotel and for me i have one of my friend to share and even booked a hotel if that doe snot work
  6. Thanks for the inputs guys : My date is on Sep 9th .
  7. Hi Krishna , What all u need to have for driving the car to canada ..I mean 1) us drivers license 2) any way we have our passprot 3) i checked with my insurance and they told they cover even in canada Even i am planning to drive from mi to toronto but in sep . so just want to make sure thanks
  8. Hi kartik , I have my stamping in torinto on Sep 9th . Send me an email ..so that i can forward you soem detaisl for accomdtaon . My email id is in my profile
  9. jalsa24

    re: Travel with in canada

    Can we drive the car in Canada with US license
  10. jalsa24

    Toronto stamping on july 26th

    Congrats Arun Venkat ..............can u post your exp
  11. jalsa24

    PIMS verfication,ottawa

    My opininon is its ok . They are telling that they could not do ahead of our interview time .
  12. thanks arun for your updates
  13. hi Praveen , My interview is on Sep 9th .
  14. Hi amit and RRRDDD Can you plz post your exp here ..as even i am gng to toronto . thanks
  15. can u update ur email id on your profile
  16. jalsa24

    Need a visa interview date on august

    which consulte is it
  17. sorry about that Pawan .wish you find a early date again.
  18. Hi Pavan can you please update your interview exp..?
  19. jalsa24

    Any one for toronto Aug 19th

    Hi , plz update ur experiences here ..as we have very few updating form the toronto canada
  20. Hi Arun , On which model are youi n like EVC , EVVC,,etc . I have my email id in my profile ..can u email me ..i can provide some accommodation details that i have got . As i cannot paste the email here . IS it on 26th july or 6th july ..plz update ur exp as even i am gng to toronto thanks
  21. Hi Shayona , Text me to my email ..its in my profile.. i will send his details
  22. Hi Shayona , I found in this forum about ..> Qhadeer Mohammed <*************@gmail.com>, who provides accomdtaion and transportation to the Us embassy in toronto . you can contact him if you like . Post your exp as even i am gng there in Sep . Qhadeer *** *** **** Thanks Anusha
  23. jalsa24

    Vancouver Stamping - Hotels

    Justdoit Do u have follow up on ur case..?
  24. jalsa24

    221G in toronto

    Hey workingginis , Plz update ur email id in the profile .