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  1. Hello. I am on OPT extension and expires on Dec 31st 2014. I am working for Non Profit Organization which is filing a Non profit H1 now and that effective from Jan 1st 2015, if it gets approved. This H1 is non transferable and doesn't come under quota. I also have approved quota H1b from a different employer, effective date Oct 1st 2014, So I can't use that to work at this Organization. Now the issue is " As I am on OPT and H1 got approved, I came to know that, my status will automatically change from OPT to H1B. So then I can't work for the Organization. I want now Whether I can continue on OPT till Dec 31st 2014 with out changing the status to H1B, So that in the mean time I will get my approved Organization H1B,effective start date Jan 1st 2015. If in case, my status automatically changed to H1B on OCT 1st 2014, Can I changed it back to OPT because I don't want to use that H1B. If it doesn't change back to OPT, then what Can I do to go forward. Could you please suggest me on the above issues. Thank you.
  2. If you are on OPT and have a valid i-20... you can come back... since your visa is already valid.
  3. Thanks For everyone on this forum for providing help. I got my Visa Approved today. The VO asked only a few questions : 1. Which University did you finish your masters and which field? 2. When did u start working for ur employer? 3. When did u graduate and how long did you work on OPT? 4. Who is your Client? (Told him and said my employer was a direct vendor) 5. What do you do at your client Location?(told him my position name) 6. Plz describe what the application you developed does for the client ?(Told him about it and how a Manager would use it on a daily basis) 7. Asked for my last year W2, paystubs for this year and LCA? 8. Went inside and came back after 2minutes. 9. Types something in the computer... and then said "Visa Approved" Thanks All.
  4. jalsa24

    Need advice on H1B stamping.

    Hi anandam , i saw a friend who is going to stamping on Oct 17th and his client gave him his client letter but mentioned the projetc would end by Feb 2013 . he is working since march 2012 there , so he took with him the contract paper that teh client will keep in his cube on the first day of joining showing the end date as aug 2012 to prove that his project is extending from then . Not sure how long you have been with the client ..just my 2 cents opinion .
  5. jalsa24

    H1b petition during stamping

    Its normal Dudeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  6. Hi Guys At what time is your interview , i have mine at 9:30am on 17th . update your emails in ur profile i have mine in mu profile . plz recah out . Booked hotel near downtown
  7. jalsa24

    H1B visa Stamping on OCT 11th @ Vancouver

    Hi malladi/mygcps1can you plz post your experience
  8. jalsa24

    PIMS Issue after Visa Interview

    Shadow , The PIMS@state.gov is the email for PIMS department or who ever take cares . The rest of the email are different for different us consulates as vancouverNIV@state.gov is for vancouver embassy same way toronto us embassy is diff etc . It depends on the us embassy you are going . But PIMS is an internal thing where the USCIS will update the KCC [ Kentucky Consular center ]
  9. Hi Guys , Plz let us know who all are going to stamping in the week of Oct 14th 2013 at Vancouver canada ..I have mine on Oct 17th 2013 . We can keep in touch and take it from there . thanks in advacne
  10. Hi Jc, Archana and Login Plz post your experiences as i have my stamping next week . Is govt shut down effected there . Thanks
  11. jalsa24

    Successful Visa Stamping Oct 08 - Vancouver

    Thanks fidelity..post us on how long its taking to get the passport back
  12. jalsa24

    H1B stamping approved-Vancouver oct 9th

    thanks for the information.....r u in which model like full time or ec or evc Plz update about ur status ..by when u will get the passport .
  13. Thanks Jc . Can you plz post your experience and how long it took to receive your passport.
  14. Hi Simha , Try to check all post in all the pages ..i remember visa approves in vancouver recently.
  15. Hi Ram / Raghu , Please post your exp . Raghu : update your email id in the profile. The admins will not allow to share in the posts . thanks
  16. Hello Everyone , Is any one cancelling or re scheduling the H!b Visa stamping appointments due to the government shut down ...? I have mine on Oct 17th and due to this debt cieling and stuff ..planning to re schedule . Any thoughts or opinions are welcomed . Thanks in advance for your replies .
  17. Hi Raghu , Plz post your stamping exp and let us know if govt shutdown is effecting anything there . Can you plz update your email id in the profile even . thanks in advance
  18. Hi Varun /Kapil . Plz update your experiences as i am also having the stamping on Oct 17th at vancouver . It would help us to prepare . thanks
  19. Hi Oshiv/Rahul Thanks for your inputs . I have booked the date long back in july the thing is i am hearing if the shut down continues then Oct 17 the debt ceiling would take place and then wondering whether that would show effect in complete shutdown of govt agencies and would delay or keep on hold . Thats my main concern for planning to reschedule thanks once again
  20. jalsa24

    Visa Interview Vancouver Oct 9th

    Hi battuji , Plz post your exp here as i have stamping the next week , and is there any effect on the govt shut down on the stamping . Thanks in Advance
  21. Hello Guys , My advice is when you see issued on CEAC website and do not see the way bill number on CSC website or didnot get the email from loomis " Go to your passport pick up location brampton/Markham and then show then your license or they can track even with teh reference id that u have on the CSC website log in account " They can tell you whether any tracking started for your passport or not . Plz check emails even in SPAM . I got an email to my spam folder as i gave my gmail at 12:20am . After issues it takes one more extra day to get way bill number or the email . thanks
  22. Hi Varun , when is ur interview .. Can you post ur exp ..? Is the govt shut down effected there ..? Thanks in Advance
  23. We cannnot change the DS 160 after it is submitted , the only thing we can do is create new applictaion and then edit the DS160 number in the CSC website for the rescheudled date . We can reschedule the interview to any other consulate untill the last day before your interview week day .
  24. Hi , I submitted my DS160 to the Vancover Consulate and i got the confirmation email . Now if i want to reschedule it to another consulate like toronto or ottawa i can do it from CSC website for the appointment timings but how about the DS160 . 1) Do i need to fill in new one and edit the CSC website to reflect my new DS160 number 2) Can i use the already submitted DS 160 as the databse to retrieve them all are same if just only the consulate diffrence . Please leave your thoughts ..Thanks in Advance .