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  1. Hi, I have completed 3 years of H1B and my present employer hasn't yet initiated the GC process. I am planning to move to another employer and the employer will start GC process only after 6 months of my join date. Does 2.5 years is enough to get the Perm, I-140 approval if he files after 6 months of my join date. Please advice. Thanks,
  2. Just checked mine status showing issued.
  3. @Jan7th, Yeah, lets see after one or two days about the status message. @Singhwilliam, I have read some posts and heard from my frnds that mostly on 3rd or 4th day after the intrvw.
  4. @RookieH1, Thank you very much for the information. I am feeling better now. :)
  5. Hi, Congratulations for the visa approval. Thank you very much for all the people who shared their experiences in this forum. I had my interview today in the morning and VO said, Visa is approved and I will get the passport in 3-5 days but When I check the status online its showing 'Admin Processing'.He didn't give me any forms, just gave me a loomis information. 1.What is your designation? 2. what does your company do? 3. whats your highest degree? 4. whats your specialization? 5.How long your are working for them and asked LCA & W2? I gave my LCA & W2 and he returned the LCA & W2. I am worrying about that status message. Does any know, why the status message showing like that even the VO approved the Visa? Does it take some more time to update the status in the website?