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  1. nile0994

    Stamping advise H1b

    Hello - I need your advice on solicitation case. I want to do my h1b stamping. My case is dismissed expunged and not pleaded guilty.Police did not finger print me and let me go with a ticket. Do you think I just have any issues with stamping and what should i carry. How should i answer the DS160 question. Right after the incident I travelled for 10 days out of country and came back with no issues. Now its been 4.5 yrs to that incident.
  2. Hello - Is your H1b transfer complete ? Mine is filed on Sep 26 still awaiting for receipt ? Any idea on time frame to receive a receipt. Can we start a new job on the receipt.
  3. nile0994

    H1b Visa stamping in Matamoros

    Hello I want to do stamping in April/May. Whats ur name email to get in touch.
  4. nile0994

    H1b Stamping in Bahamas

    Hello- I want to stamp my H1b visa in any country in Caribbean. Preferred Bahamas due to proximity. I came on F1 and was changed to H1b visa. Currently I m on my 3rd H1b visa. I stamped my H1b visa last in canada and I would like to stamp my 3rd H1b visa soon. Please advise if I am eligible for Bahamas stamping or any other caribbean country. Many thanks !
  5. nile0994

    H1B Stamping and Solicitation of Prostitution

    What is your email...
  6. nile0994

    H1B Passport Expiration Doubt

    Hello, My passport expires on Nov 2016 and my H1b expires on Oct 2016. Can I be able to do H1b stamping in Canada. I am on second H1B and been converted from F1 to H1.I am stamping for the first time.
  7. nile0994

    H1 Stamping & Passport Validity

    I am also looking to stamp my second term of H1b. This will be my first time to stamp my H1b visa. Would like to get in touch with you. Please send me your email addr. My Passport expires :11/15/2016 My H1b expires: 12/19/2016 Please advice.
  8. Hello, I am looking to stamp my H1b. What is the criteria for Mexico. This will be my second term on H1B and I had not yet stamped my H1b.
  9. nile0994

    Stamping Doubt (Urgent) : July

    So for less than 6 month validation period should not have a problem.
  10. Hello, I want to stamp my H1b visa in July or August. I am into my first slot of 3yrs. I got my H1b in Dec-2010 and it is about to expire in Dec-2013 which is six months from now on. Need some advice if anyone in same situation looking to get H1b visa stamped and what are the possibilities of stamping such late as I have valid 6-months left only before extension. Which will be a best bet Canada or India. Thanks.
  11. nile0994

    H1B Stamping

    @Shekar: My H1B is expiring in dec 2013.I can renew by July 1 ??
  12. nile0994

    H1B Stamping

    Hello, I am planning to stamp my H1b visa. But my Visa expires on Dec 2013. This is my first slot of 3yrs on H1B. Is it a better idea for me to travel to India or Canada for stamping. Do I have to wait untill renewal since its too late. Any suggestions plz.
  13. Hello, I am planning for H1B stamping in canada. If anyone is interested please email me.I havnt booked my interview date yet email: nileshnawale85@gmail.com
  14. nile0994

    H1B stamping on Feb25 in Toronto

    Hello, I am planning to stamp my visa. Can you send me an email: nileshnawale85@gmail.com
  15. nile0994

    H1B Stamping on Feb 25th 2013 in Vancouver

    I am planning to stamp my visa too. Would like to join. Here is my email: nileshnawale85@gmail.com