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  1. hvrp0316

    Speeding ticket

    No way.....your visa will be denied irrespective of your answer . Please stop asking these questions. I am not being mean here. How can you relate speeding ticket to security?
  2. hvrp0316

    PIMS Issue after Visa Interview

    1-3 business days.
  3. hvrp0316

    Passport return time

    It depends on case to case. Mostly 2-4 business days.
  4. hvrp0316

    Accomdation in Ottawa

    You can see my email id in my profile page. ********** at gmail.com
  5. I booked a hotel room from Oct 7th - Oct 10th @ OTTAWA. Please let me know if you are interested in sharing. If interested, you can email at the address in my profile page. Thanks!
  6. I have an appointment on Oct 8th. I am planning to drive from Delaware on Oct 6th. Let me know if anyone is interested to join with me to share ride and accommodation. Thanks!
  7. hvrp0316


    Hello, I have an appointment on Oct 8th as well and am looking for shared accommodation. @OttawaOct: I sent you a pm.
  8. hvrp0316

    Accomdation in Ottawa

    I have a hotel room to share with from Thursday oct 11th- Monday oct 15th. Please reply if anyone is interested. Thanks