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  1. care_candidate

    H1B stamping

    Most likely they will ask what your plans are after expiration. It won't pose any risk for your approval however you should prepare to answer questions if you are planning to leave country or planning or already have applied for extension.
  2. care_candidate

    Can my husband travel when the wife’s H4 and H4 ead is pending

    There is no connection between you two in terms of application status.
  3. care_candidate

    H1-B 60 Day limit

    You have incorrect information. You cannot be out of status for a single day. On paper, you have to be employed by either of the first at any day during H1b. You may take days off but that is up to the employer's approval and to be considered as 'time off during employment'. If one gets fired or lay off, then you have some grace period before leaving country.
  4. care_candidate

    First time H1-B stamping

    There is no issue for you. Most likely, at the time of interview, you will be asked about your plans after expiration of current visa. You can tell the truth about extension. Please understand that you can get extension to up to total of six years only on H1b, unless you have an approved I-140.
  5. At the time of applying for I-485. It is must required document. There are alternatives that require more multiple documents and that is not straightforward way. If you can get it, start your efforts soon.
  6. care_candidate

    H1B Denial Options

    What is the reason for them pulling back your H1b to Dec 2019? Filing LCA should not have effect on ongoing approval. Anytime you are out of status, you need to leave immediately.
  7. care_candidate

    Date of Last arrival for closed cruise trip

    It is common for cruise travel. You do not get new I-94. Use date from airport. If/When you apply for Green card I-485, that is another case.
  8. care_candidate

    Intent to Revoke notice

    You haven't explained your case clearly. Was there a gap between your F-1 and H-1b? Did you work in same company during F-1 status? Did you apply for new H-1b when you changed jobs? Were you out of status during any of this time? How many other in your employment received similar notice? Did they apply via same attorney? What did your employer/attorney say about this? Was this direct or consultant kind of employment? Does your employer want to continue you? Did employer conduct any Illegal activity and got reported? Was your application incorrect at any point? If there is nothing you know about it, what is the possible reason you think of?
  9. As you will be using your wedding as an event to file H4 for spouse, you need to fill application as if you are married. Take date together and officer will see you both when you are married and make decision.
  10. care_candidate

    H1-B Renewal Background Checks

    You have wrong information altogether.
  11. care_candidate

    I-130/H1B Work Location

    For I-485 application, you are using family based category. For that, it doesn't matter much about your employment. Use the address you reside at the time of application. If you change address, follow the process to inform them as you make any changes.
  12. care_candidate

    Sponsoring Aged Out Daughter

    Unfortunately as soon as she is over 21 years, she is independent.
  13. care_candidate

    Surrogacy in India

    You should hire really good attorney for this important matter.
  14. 10 month is very short time to process both PERM and I-140. Normally, it takes 14-16 months.
  15. care_candidate

    Travel to Royal caribbean Mexico Cruise On Expired Visa

    You will be fine in both places as long as it is closed loop cruise.
  16. care_candidate

    H1b 6th year I140 NOT- Approved

    You must have I-140 approved to extend your H1b beyond six years. If that is not done, you will have to leave US immediately.
  17. care_candidate

    Multiple visits on Visitor visa

    I have been through exact situation with single parent traveling to US on visitor visa for child birth and returning back in few months. Your mother is fine and most likely will not face any questioning. Just have here return journey itinerary/tickets with here at POE.
  18. care_candidate

    Travel to India near H1B max-out

    Not a big issue. You may be asked on what your plans are after visa expiration. If you already have applied for extension, show some document to officer or tell verbally. Be clear and concise on what your plans are. Only time they can object is when you they suspect that you may not return to home country after visa expiration.
  19. care_candidate

    Guidance while traveling to India for H1b visa stamping

    1. You are first time H1b applicant. What is the reason that you think you will get 221g? Is there anything suspicious? In case you get stuck, there will be some time during which you are on company payroll, depending on company policy. Despite the fact that getting visa stamped is part of your employment any problem you encounter should be covered by company, this may not happen. Contact company attorney to clarify this before leaving. 2. If you change anything of that significance in your employment, sure amendment is mandatory per H1b visa requirement. Stop talking to people who do not have experience and like to scare others. 3. She is dependent on your visa status. 4. There is nothing illegal, unless employer doesn't make it official.
  20. care_candidate

    B1 Drop box called for interview under 221g

    It means they do not think you deserve visa without an interview. They probably have found a reason or have doubt from your background about any suspicious activity or intent. Many times this happens when they suspect candidate may not return to home country after I-94 expiration.
  21. Of course you will have experience no matter what. However, on paper you were employed for other contractor company. You cannot list that experience for US Bank, although job experience is same. But, it doesn't act against you and you will be eligible for same category of visa (EB or EB-3) as if you were employed for same employer.
  22. care_candidate

    Regarding H1 B transfer

    First, it is not a transfer it is same process as applying for new H1b. The only difference is that you will be exempt from quota. When you get H1b this way, your new H1b will have validity of three years or up end of total six years on H1b, whichever comes first.
  23. care_candidate

    H-1B Visa extension & Green Card

    She is running out of time. As a matter of fact, in order to fulfill requirement to extend H1b beyond six years, she would need about two years. And as her employer is not sponsoring, there is no point in looking for options. Most likely, she will have to end her employment and depart to home country on or before visa expiration.
  24. care_candidate

    APPLYING FOR VISITOR VISA WHEN H1-B Extension is in progress

    The subject of this post is misleading. You are not applying for visitor visa, they are.
  25. care_candidate

    Mexico Cruise with expired visa but valid I797/i94

    Yes you can under Automatic re validation. Go through the list of criteria given on following link https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/visa-information-resources/visa-expiration-date/auto-revalidate.html