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  1. care_candidate

    Travel after J-1 is renewed with DS-2019 but no new stamp

    jairichi: Do you mean she needs to go to consulate for getting visa, if/when she wants to return to US?
  2. care_candidate

    H1b dropbox after june 29

    I got it on 26th June at Mumbai, India. Is this what you needed?
  3. I am waiting for my priority date to become current very soon and have approved I-140 with EB-2. I am working in US and on my 8th year of H1b and want to know what happens if/when I-485 gets rejected, for any reason.
  4. care_candidate

    I-485 rejection question

    The reason I fear is that: As of today my salary is less than what is stated in prevailing wage by about 10%. My priority date is going to become current is just a month or two. And with some estimation, my GC is suppose to arrive in a year. With usual current rate of increase (once in a year) my salary will not cross that number. In order to cross that number one of the following will occur A. Salary will not be higher than prevailing wage at the time I am suppose to get GC and thus I-485 get rejected - Not a good option. B. Employer will hike my salary by unusual 10% to match but it will just show that they matched it only to equalize to prevailing wage - Not a good option but still OK if it is acceptable. C. Employer will wait till my salary becomes higher than prevailing wage by usual increase, which will take years - Also not a good option.
  5. care_candidate

    No update on DropBox

    Looks like Mumbai post is way behind other posts. More backlog, longer time, may be still fighting issues. I am Dropbox 6/16 and no change in status update. When you guys have collected passport was there some change in status? Mine shows, "Your passport is still with US consulate/Embassy". I need to know if next step is to collect passport OR there are multiple stages that we see before it is ready for pickup.
  6. care_candidate

    No update on DropBox

    ashvisaqtions and USADreams, Can you please give me some information on your case? Visa type? Location of post? Drobox or interview? Date of passport submission? It will be helpful for me to estimate my passport.
  7. care_candidate

    No update on DropBox

    Same here, submitted to Mumbai dropbox on June 15. Had to cancel my flight last week & still counting days off from work. Per news, all issues will be cleared before end of this week. They already started about half of post location.
  8. It is good that you asking questions. I am at last step of GC and I found that most important thing is to ask questions all the time. Try to ask timeline to you attorney, most likely he is not going to give you anything but try to develop plan of action, understand procedure, your options, fallbacks, anticipate future actions, and most important alway I repeat always keep all documents in order.
  9. Just finished Medical checkup for I-693 for I-485 EB-2 application. My priority date is expected to become current very soon so I had a head start and want to keep everything ready in terms of documents. Nurse did general checkup (Height, Weight, Pulse, and BP) and took my almost completed vaccination record. I think vaccination record was the major part of form inquiry. Because I already had most of vaccinations done, it was easy. I was given a single shot of tetanus and sent to lab for drawing blood for syphilis and TB test. TB test can be done cheaper (about $20) by skin test way but results are not always accurate. Also candidate need to come back to doctor in 2-3 days to see if any reaction appear. So I decided to do it by blood work which is expensive (about $150) and results are quicker. Doctor did test some general area and I was asked some questions about drug addiction and whether or not I thought of killing myself or other person in my life. He said they are only interested in knowing if I have addiction of anything and not if I have tried anything (I didn’t J anyway). Also, I was asked if I had ever visited a psychiatrist or mental hospital. He then asked me to fill first half page of I-693 and sign and then he was going to take care of everything. He said he will get results of lab in 1-2 days and once that happens he will call me to collect my sealed envelope to be submitted with other documents. He is also going to give me copy of everything that is there in that envelop. So total visit to doctor was very easy and I was out of his office in about 45 minutes. The doctor said if for any reason my priority date do not become current in one year (No way please!) he will just copy all information into new form and not charge me anything.
  10. I am EB-2 India with I-140 approved. My Priority date is Feb 2009 and they are workin on Oct 2008 applications. So I am just 4-5 months away and every month since last 3-4 months priority date is moving 5-6 months. So is it safe for me to do Doctor's check now. It is valid for one year.
  11. I am EB-2 with an approved I-140 and waiting for priority date. When my PERM was filed, my salary was slightly less than that specified in prevailing wage PERM. I know that was acceptable. So my question is: Does my salary needs to be equal or exceeded to PERM documented salary when I get my green card?
  12. My priority date is Feb 2009 for EB2 India so I am expecting it will become current in next 2 months. What will be sequence of activities once it becomes current? I already have all documents ready....at least that's what I think People in my boat or with recently filed I-485 can answer this based on your experience.
  13. I have been offered to use dropbox for my H-1b visa stamping. I made payment of Rs.12,160 (About $190) for visa fees via NEFT National electronic fund transfer system. I got confirmation number and everything worked well. For documents to be submitted for this, I do not have a physical or electronic copy of fee receipt. When I had my previous H-1b visa stamped, I always paid cash at HDFC bank or Axis bank and got physical receipt, which I needed to submit at the time of visa interview. Now that I do not have such copy I do not understand how to proceed without it. This fee receipt is not required document in their list of documents but I still feel a need to have that receipt with me, just in case. So, my question is how do I get that receipt?
  14. care_candidate

    Question for those who have very close priority date

    ashuneel, Thanks for your response. Can you give me rough estimate on how much time it takes once I file I-485 until I receive EAD or AP and most importantly GC. I have about 6 months before retrogression occurs in december. So I again need to wait for few more months.
  15. care_candidate

    Fee receipt: Dropbox H-1b stamping at Mumbai consulate

    I have online savings account with ICICI NRI. They give you option to transfer money to other ICICI branch or any other branch like BANA MUMBAI... Just fill in all information as given on visa website. It is quick, easy and within a day or two you will be able to take appointment. Goodluck
  16. I have an approved I-140 with EB2 and waiting for my Priority date to become current, which is Feb 2009. From USCIS website it shows that they are processing application with priority date of April 2008. So my priority date is just 10 months away. Every month since past couple of months, PD is moving at about 7-8 months per month. So my estimate is that it will become current in 2 or 3 months. Still, my attorney says it will take about a year. So there are following possibilities: 1. Attorney is just adding few months as buffer so there is almost guaranty it will happen in a year 2. Attorney is including expected retrogression into his estimation. 3. My estimation is wrong and even if it reaches to Feb 2009, there is still some time delay after it becomes current. So basically I do not understand the process to its full extent. 4. ?? Can any expert please explain my doubt? Thank you
  17. Can anyone please share your dropbox experience in India? I have stamped H-1b few times with interview but with dropbox is new to me. They only asked for following documents to submit at Mumbai. · Passport, all · I797A (original) · DS-160 confirmation letter, 2 copies · 2 photos
  18. care_candidate

    Do I need a H1B stamp Again

    I am answering this assuming that you are citizen of India because of most member are on this forum and I am familiar with process for India. 1. Once you changed your employer, you need to have new visa. Now, if you do not leave US, new I-797 is sufficient but if you do leave country, you do need stamped visa with new employer name on visa. 2. If I understand your question correctly, this question is valid only if I had answered "No, you do not need new visa for new employer" to you question number one. With new visa you will not have this problem for a while. As a general when you enter US with current visa just few days to expire, technically it is not a problem but officer may ask you about your plans on renewing or going back.
  19. care_candidate

    I94 not returned

    Happened to me few years ago....just follow procedure...basically send all these bunch of documents....you won't receive any response or confirmation....so be sure to keep copy...& then forget everything
  20. care_candidate

    H1B stamping Questions: New Procedure

    Usual procedure: Decide when you want to go get approval from employer with all paystubs & letter that you are employed. pay hdfc fee & take 9 digit number (you need this to take appomt) buy ticket take appointment online through VFS Fill all DH forms print list of dox requid and carry everything plus few extra you might think you need before at least 3 working days (Also consider Indian & US holidays) of appmt submit listed dox to VFS go to interview party that night!
  21. care_candidate

    Travel to India on OPT

    My advice: Do NOT travel when you are on OPT. This is general rule & written in red ink on USCIS wedbiste. "We do not gurentee your return .....when you are on OPT....." It's the riskiest situation when in transition
  22. care_candidate

    Delay in I-797 approval notice for H1B renewal

    I am in exact same boat. I submmited I-129 on June 28, 2012 & still not received approval. I was suppose to go to India in September....cancelled trip Attorney says same thing....delay in California center On July 31 they were handling cases recieved on May 14 By the way premium processing now is $1225 ..........not $1000....it's very expensive....as good as buying another ticket to India...I am not doing it.. Please post if you receive any more updates