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  1. Hi all, can someone tell me the latest available dates in kingston Jamaica for H1B stamping? Thanks
  2. Hi all, can someone tell me the latest available dates in india Hyderabad for H1B stamping? Thanks
  3. HI Tjgarla,

    can you send me your agent details please? and how much he charge etc.

    i want to go to mexico for stamping.



  4. Hi Shekar,

    my US visa on the passport is expired. but i have new I-797 valid for next 3 years.

    i am planning to go to stamping in mexico. do i need a VISA? if yes, can i get it at the border?? 

  5. Hi all, is there a way to get an emergency visa appointment? my dad is having a major health issue and i have to go to India. please let me know if there is a way? if i can get an emergency appointment if i can prove my dad is in critical condition? Thanks
  6. hh1bb

    H1B Stamping in Matamoros Mexico

    Hi Mahesh, can you tell me if there are any available dates earliest please?
  7. hh1bb

    Notice for intent to revoke H1B petition

    Hi Naveen, we are in same situation. can you tell us what happened with your case?
  8. My Parents are here with me in US for 4 months now. we want them to stay for few more months. so, can we just drive to mexico and enter USA?? for their extension?? will there be any issues?? both my parents are 50 years of age and above. if yes, can we go to mexico one month before there i94 expires? need suggestions. please help. Thanks
  9. can some one tell me the earliest dates available in ottawa and vancover please?
  10. RP1979 - no update on my passport yet. calhi - They don't really care if your are EVC or EVVC(my case). ad2010 - I don't understand what you are talking about? at the Canada border they will put a immigration/entry stamp.
  11. EVVC Drive from NewYork to Ottawa canada border - 1) Are you on H1B? 2) Where in new york? 3) Purpose of visit? 4) Have you been to Canada before? 5) Will you be selling or leaving any stuff in Canada? 6) How long you will stay in Canada? ok - you are good to go. US Embassy - 1) What do you do for your company? 2) How long have you been with your company? 3) Who is the client? 4) How often you talk to the supervisor of your company? I said once in a week 5) Where are you from? no documents asked. pretty much everyone got their visa approved.
  12. Hi all, I have a visa appointment and i actually booked it using my old passport. now i have new passport and i can't really cancel/reschedule the appointment. can i go for the interview anyways? carrying both the passports?
  13. I had my appointment scheduled with old passport. I recently got my new passport. can i go to the interview with both the passports? now that the old passport is not valid and I can't really cancel the appointment? what passport number should my DS-160 form filled with?
  14. can someone tell me the latest available dates in Hyderabad India?
  15. Accommodation Available - Ottawa please email me if interested