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  1. AbbyD

    H1B Fraud by Digital-Xyz

    Hello Guys, I am writing this just to aware people and helping them to stay away from the company called Digital-***(modified the name of company) based in California. This company charge me for H1B Visa and the person who contacted me for Visa (name :Abxxx Agxxxxx) who consider himself as an director for this company is most horrible person I have visited in my life. He took my money called me in US he didn't pay for my flight ticket and within a week he just revoked my H1b Visa, So guys please aware of this fraud person and company..
  2. AbbyD

    Company Fraud

    Hello, I recently got in big trouble because of Company A. Company A took money from me to file H1B visa in last year. I came to USA on same VISA and after coming here company A revoke my visa immediately. I have other offers but since I don't have any paystub its difficult for other company to file H1B transfer. So is there nay way to get H1B transfer without paystub? Thanks Abby
  3. Hi, I am in UK from last 2 years and applying VISA interview in london us embassy. I have same question while filing DS-160. Are you applying in the same country or location where the visa above was issued,and is this country or location your place of principal of residence? YES/NO Since I had H1B VISA interview in India in 2007 but now I am applying from London. So what should be the answer fro Place of principal of residence? Thanks
  4. Hello Guys!!! I am planning to attend VISA interview in US embassy London. I am on Tier-1 VISA in UK from last 2 yrs. My employer who filed my petition said I can attend interview in India too. When I call to VFS Mumbai call center ,they suggest me to attend interview in UK since I am staying in UK more than 6 month. Can anyone tell me what is the exact procedure to book VISA appointment in US embassy London? your quick response will help me a lot. Thanks Abby
  5. Hello Guys!! I got my I129 Approval on 8th Nov 2012. While Filing petition I selected London Consulate but after approval I am want to change my US consulate from London to Mumbai. My question - -Is it possible to change consulate for VISA interview after getting I129 Approval? -If yes,anyone can let me know about the procedure to change consulate? Thanks AbbyD
  6. Hello , I have applied for H1B in May 2012 still it is in initial review.In May I was planning to use london for VISA interview but Now I am thinking to move my VISA interview to Mumbai(India) Consulate. So anyone know about the procedure to change consular??
  7. AbbyD

    Consulate notified issue

    Hello , Have you changed your consulate? can you please share your experience if you already changed your consulate from London to Mumbai?? Thanks
  8. AbbyD

    H1B stamping in london

    Hello Valli, I have same situation like you. I am also in London. You can contact me on only4me.abhi@gmail.com