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  1. I have my I-140 approved a year ago and wanted to know how long it would take if I applied for a green card for my parents ?
  2. miserable9

    Remote Work on Approved H1B

    Hi, Does anybody have an idea if it's legal to be on US payroll with an approved H1B while working remotely from another country for an extended period ? Can someone work as a remote employee permanently ? What are the legal and tax implications ?
  3. miserable9

    Remote Work on Approved H1B

    Thanks for responding. Do you know if an employee needs to switch the payroll to the remote location country or can they be paid in USD?
  4. Hi All, I have to travel in May and will be getting my H1B renewal. I am eligible for the Dropbox facility which does not require an interview. In 2012 I received a shoplifting citation for misdemeanor and the case was voluntarily dismissed ( there was no arrest, no fingerprinting, no photographs, no fines ). The case has now also been expunged. My first visa stamping was at Mumbai the same year, and although I was questioned about this incident a little, I had been granted the visa. I am unsure about this new renewal process involving dropbox. Should I opt for interview or dropbox? Does anybody have any experience with this? Please share your thoughts