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    Hi, To apply H4, 1. Do I need to resign my current job in US? 2. Do I need to file or carry any affidavit ? 3. In DS-160 for H4, what should i write for present employment? "Not Employed" OR "Homemaker"?
  2. solmca3


    Hi Cool_Arian, Thank you for the updates. I will keep updating the thread on the progress. Regards Solomon
  3. solmca3


    Hi VijaiSekar. Thank you for your feedback. I called the USCIS call center number and they are also saying it will take 180+ days for them to respond. So i don't think it is not really worth to wait. Meanwhile, my client is willing to sponsor H1B for me. They are planning to apply new H1B (through normal process, apply in April, get approval in Jul and work from Oct). I was asking them to do visa transfer of my current H1B which is under review since this will be faster? Is this possible to transfer when it is under review. Also I got married to H1B holder (she also got stamp on Sep 2011) . She already in US . Can I apply H4 now when H1 is under review? Please suggest.
  4. solmca3


    Hi All... sorry for joining this group late. I am also in the same boat. Worked in US for 3.5 years, came to india for marriage, attended H1B visa interview on Sep 1st and got 221g green. Submitted all the documents (almost all the docs) on Sep 8. Was waiting to get update but got a letter from the consulate saying that, they can't provide visa since my employer does not appear to be either able or willing to provide qualifying employment in US and hence my case returned to USICS. After i got this letter, i called my employer and provided the details. I thought my approval got rejected and hence need to file new one but my employer is saying, it is not rejected, we can get it approved. Is this correct? No updates from USCIS also. I can check my approval number on USCIS cast status web site and it is also showing under review. Because of these stupid VOs, most of us are struggling for almost 6+ months. Please keep updating....
  5. solmca3

    H1B rejected after 221(g)..Next Steps

    I am also in the same boat. Attended interview @ Chennai on Sep and got 221 (g) green. Submitted all documents (they asked me to keep the passport). On Dec I got a letter from VFS office saying that they can't provide visa and my case returned to USCIS. 1. Is this letter indicates visa rejected? my employer is saying that it is nor rejection. we can get approval , bur friends are saying visa got rejected. 2. I was waiting for the last 6 months. I can check the status of my approval number on the USCIS case status site and it is saying it is under review. Anyone know how long it will take. 3. My client is planning to take me as H1B employer. I am asking then to do Visa transfer of current H1B since this is fast compared to the new H1B process. Can i do that since current H1B is under review on USCIS? 4. Meanwhile I got married and my wife returned back to US since she got H1B stamp. Can i apply H4 when H1B is under review? Please suggest.