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  1. Kanzer

    H1B Visa Extension WITHOUT Stamping!

    You do not need to get your Visa stamped for extension. The only time you will be required to get your visa stamped is if you leave the country. In that case you will need to get your visa stamped on your passport to be able to reenter the US. If you are in the US itself, you can apply for visa renewal without being concerned about the stamping.
  2. Kanzer

    Missing middle name on I797

    I do not believe it should be a major issue. I personally know of cases where the First and Last names were switched. And it did not cause any issues at the consulate. The middle name seems to be a minor issue as compared to that. The Very Best of Luck to you for your stamping. Regards.
  3. Hi, I had to renew my DL as it was expiring on Jan 10, 2016. I live in WI and went to one of the DMVs in Madison. It was a fairly painless process over there. I went in there with the following docs: H1B Renewal Petition - Original Copy I-94 (latest copy) Passport I - 797 I am not sure about other states but in WI, when they process this particular scenario, after entering all the information in their system, they have to email another location to verify if the information is correct, and they have to receive a reply back. This does not take a long time though (5-10 minutes). Once they receive a reply, that's it. You are done. I received the extension that day itself. The actual DL being mailed via normal mail of course. I read in another thread that WI DMV does not issue extension to your DL if you don't have a renewed H1B, I-797. This is NOT correct. WI definitely processes and gives extension to people in our situation. Hope this helps.
  4. Kanzer

    Can spouse travel on a B1/B2 visa?

    Hi Rana, I have the same issue right now. I have an H1B and my wife has an B1 visa. She has previously visited the US on official trips, twice within the last year. I was hoping that she could come and visit me later this year during the holiday season. I was wondering what did you do in your case? Did your wife visit you and did you face any challenges pertaining to her visit? Any help in this regard would be much appreciated. Thanks, Kanishk
  5. Kanzer


    Many Many Congratulations Visablue. I am genuinely glad that at least some of us have a happy ending to this horrific ride. I am not sure if I should even hope the same for my self since after my case being sent back to the USCIS, my visa itself expired. So there is nothing left to do in that regard for me. But still....not all of us have to have that result. Congrats again bro. :-)
  6. Kanzer


    But dude...if you have an approved i 797 all you need to do is get an appointment and go for the interview right...?!?! Are you planning for that anytime soon....??
  7. Kanzer


    Dude, I say as long as it is under admin processing and not "sent back" to the USCIS for re-eval its fine. I mean what happens if the visa expires itself, that too after such a long wait. Then its all over. These folks are willing to give amnesty to illegals but not have any flexibility or leniency for us.
  8. Kanzer


    Hey Visablues.....Ny updates from your end...i thought u were going for a fresh interview with a fresh i797. Nything happning with that...??
  9. Hey Visablues.....Any news...updates...???? Whats going on @ your end....?? I believe you said that you have a fresh i797 as a FTE. Are you planning an interview anytime soon...??
  10. Any updates @ ur end...?? Whats the situation now...?? I am still waiting for USCIS 2 get give some decision about reaffirmation...hopefully.
  11. Dude...where have you been....What is happening @ ur end...?? Did u go 2 the US Consulate with ur new petition....?? I have this site open almost always on my browser but off late have seen absolutely no progress. So do let us know if there are ny updates @ ur end. Best of Luck.
  12. So when r u planning to go for your Interview with the FT petition. Best of luck for that btw.
  13. Well i think visablues's case is different than mine....cause mine got sent back 2 the USCIS in March itself...visablues is stuck in "admin processing"....which as u know comes before the case being sent back 2 the USCIS. I am still waiting for the USCIS to give me the result of their "review". If they reaffirm my case i'll get nother appointment with the consulate and see where that goes....if not them my employer says they will fight the NOIR. Lets hope it doesn't come to that. Either way, I'll keep looking for ways to get my life back on track. Preferably in the US, and since i have been here for the past 9 months, i have taken up a job here itself. But my efforts regarding my H1B continue. I guess we shud all pray that once the elections are over and the DoS gets reshuffled, the incoming officials have mercy on our collective souls and relax these horrible and unjustified practices of the consulates.
  14. You got the same letter..?!?! When did this happen...?!?!
  15. Hi, I was wondering what was is sathys01 case, he recently got approved, was his case also sent to the USCIS..?? I was kinda losing hope too. But if he got it, maybe we might too. I along with my employer in US have been constantly trying to get any updates at all but there been absolutely no activity for the past few months.