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  1. @glad2000 it means your admin processing is complete wrt your H1B petetion but your case needs for security check up.It should be completed in 2-3 weeks mostly
  2. this means your case is recieved by Vermont center and has started reveiwing
  3. wait for the visa.You will get it .If in case negative result you can go for visa interview again with new petetion
  4. @All It seems Chennai consulate is not all processing the Pending cases from my observation,since the last 2 months I saw in March around 10-15 cases processed at a time within 10 days, after that only 1-2 cases I saw having been processed successfully.However last 4 months from my observations thru forums there were no rejections from Chennai Consulate altough few approvals.Can someone let me know if my observation is correct.Did any one see any rejections during last 4 months?
  5. @vaddy224 calling/emailing to the vfs is not helping anyways ,they are not even interested in replying to the emails.Even if they email thet is standard template without even contacting the consulate.You can better try calling the Chennai consulate to at least get better status
  6. @vaddy224 I am in the same situation as yours,interview on same date still waiting,only difference is working remotely.At this moment I dont think there is anything we can do except wait hoping for the best to happen.BTW is your client/employer contacted during this time.?
  7. @H1b221Ghelp call them 9.05 AM -10 AM IST
  8. @H1b221Ghelp this is the standard message VFS guys send us without even contacting consulate thse current status.Call to consulate on Monday you will get better status.Dont Worry
  9. @vaddy224 same with me here.I called the consulate today and I was told still in Admin Processing.I asked if there is any progress in my case and I was told that she can definately see the case progressing but couldnt provide me the details of it.My client is not contacted yet.But I did find some of the cases processed in 100-110 days in other forums.Hope we all get the result soon.All this time have you been working remotely for the client?.I am worried since I have been working currently remotely and not sure if it will be of any issue.
  10. @H1b221Ghelp can you plz tell me what were the Emp-E questions asked to the client.Also have you been working remotely during this 221g processing?.In my case I have been working remotely ,will this be of any issue?.I have given a heads up to my manager right now but I am still waiting for some one to contact the client/employer.
  11. @sathys01 How did you come to know about PIMS verification ?
  12. VisaBlues

    221g--->got another form to submit docs

    call 202-663-1225 Press 1 and 0 to know if your visa is issued
  13. yes,you may get a better update calling to that #.Since your passport is with consulate .When your client is contacted what specific emp related questions asked to the client and how long was the interview?
  14. @H1b221Ghelp have you been trying to contact the consulate or DOS for the current status.if not you can contact them in the below # DOS-202-663-1225 Press 1 and 0. Chennai COnsulate-04428574000 -2120 (9-10 AM ISTonly)
  15. @H1b221Ghelp also can you please tell me what was the reply you used to get before this?.Prevously i used to get the case is in Mandatory Admin Processing.
  16. Thnks H1b221Ghelp for sharing the info.Is your client contacted by email or in person?
  17. @H1b221Ghelp can you please let me know when did u get this similar reply and after how many days was your employer contacted.How was the client contacted? and what were the questions aked ?.In my case i am in EC model so no vendor.
  18. VisaBlues

    221G Status Message from VFS

    I am in the same situation.I got the same email reply today.Earlier I used to get Mandatory Admin Processing.Dont know what the change is
  19. I got the below reply today,earlier I was used to get the case in Mandatory Admin Processing and not Admin processing.Dont know what the change is. As per the US Consulate, your application is pending under Section 221(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) for administrative processing. Section 221(g) prohibits the issuance of a visa to an individual whose application is incomplete or inconclusive, or whose eligibility has not been firmly established. In this instance, post is attempting to independently verify certain information presented by you at the time of your interview.
  20. @sathys01 that is correct.VO's are clueless as they dont understand the problems holding us back expecially no client can wait for such long.Even a full time employee(Products based) in most of the companies will not be allowed for more than 4 weeks.In my case the only hope I am having is my client is helping me a lot giving me enough wait time(already 5 months) . Altough time may not be constraint the overall outcome is crucial.Lets hope for the best.
  21. @sathys01 thanks so much for sharing the info.I will try to call them tommrow.One more I didnt understand in my case is VO has returned all the the documents back to me(I797,I-129,LCA).only client letter was taken.I have seen for almost everyone they have taken atleast the I-129 or LCA.So I am so worried if they are processing my case at all as my client/employer is still not contacted at all
  22. @vaddy224 mine was on Feb17 the same day as yours
  23. it may take 6-9 months average .
  24. VisaBlues

    H1B -- 221 G Received,waiting since last 6 month

    you may have to file for H1B extension to uscis so that if the post approves your visa then you can get visa based on your new extended petetion.Othewise high chances of rejecting visa since the petetion expired.
  25. VisaBlues

    H1B -- 221 G Received,waiting since last 6 month

    I am in the same situation with 221g Blue AAP on waiting since Feb 17.Can you please give me more details about your interivew.Any documents taken?.In my case al the documents were returned back exept the client letter.Since then no update.