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  1. I got the email below today same pending admin Process "As per the US Consulate, they would like to inform you that your case continues to undergo administrative processing. While we understand your concern and probable frustration, we cannot speed things up as much as we would like to do so. Although your case number s correct, not all cases are listed on our website. We will continue to process your case and quickly notify you if we require any additional documents. Unfortunately, we cannot give a specific time frame during which processing will be completed. We are well aware how frustrating these delays can be for applicants and do our best to perform the work as quickly as possible.
  2. VisaBlues


    @vijaisekar I am pretty much the same case as yours my first visa was denied in EVC model on Dec1st at Kolkatta.Later atttended at chennai consulate with EC model(Primary vendor as employer).I got 221g blue this time ,they just took my client letter and all the petetion documents were returned back to me.Till now there is no update from consulate.During this time,have you been working remotely to the client?.In my case I am working for the client remotely with my previous pending petetion for the same client.Will this create any further problems?Also can you please let me know whater your client/employer were contacted during the process and what were the documents taken during 221g? Thanks and Appreciate
  3. VisaBlues


    @vijaisekar any updates on your case.I am also getting the same standard replied to my queries.
  4. @bogu001 can you please tell me the date of the interview.I also attended on Feb 17 with 221gBlue AAP at chennai,still now no updates from the consulate.Can you please give me more details on your case? Thanks
  5. VisaBlues

    H1B Reaffirmed Called for Interview

    @Adil if you have visited to other countries this is kind of security check .You wiill get your visa in 2-3 weeeks
  6. @sathys01 do you know which model(EC,EVC or EVVC) is that case?.I think Vaddy's might be EVVC or EVC.These days those models has slim chance of visa acceptance.Correct me if I am wrong.
  7. @sathys01 in my case Vo didnt asked me anything related to E-E questions.He just took my client letter and the weird part is all the documents(I-797,I-129,LCA) were returned back to me during the interview only client letter was taken .I couldnt understand what they are still verifying yet only having my client letter witth them.By today it has completed 17 weeks or 4 months or 120 days.Dont know how long this lasts.
  8. <p>Congrats glad2000 .Way to go .</p> <p> </p> <h3 class="row2" style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px 10px; font-size: 16px; font-weight: normal; background-color: rgb(233, 239, 245); height: 36px; line-height: 36px; color: rgb(0, 0, 0); font-family: helvetica, arial, sans-serif; "> <a class="url fn ___hover___member _hoversetup" hovercard-id="156563" hovercard-ref="member" href="http://forum.murthy.com/index.php?/user/156563-sathys01/" id="anonymous_element_21" style="color: rgb(0, 102, 204); " title="">sathys01</a> any updates on your case?.Guess you and me are still are the only waiting although few results during last week ,In my case they have been saying Pending always ,no client /employer contacted as of yet.I am so tensed but alteast covering up with work at offshore for the client.</h3>
  9. @Vaddy Answers to the below questions are very critical in getting the visa issuance.Its the questions of EER and the answers provided to the consulate should convince the relationship exists with the primary employer.Ideally the end client shoulnt monitor/regulate/evaluate your work .It should be full control with the primary employer "how does the client monitor and regulate ur work?, how is the work evaluated?, Who gives u a computer to finish ur work and stuff like that?" You can attend for visa again if you have got the new amended petetion in hand but it whould be better to avoid the middle If you will be able to amend your petetion then to Employer---Client model you will have better chance. I have one more question,when you said you are contracted to big indian company is that the end client or you have Employer-->BigCompany-->EndClient? Also what were the documents taken during the time of interview? My case is still pending state at chennai consulate with 221g BLUE --no documents asked
  10. @vaddy224 I have seen similar cases like yours they whould have made a decision on the same date of interview but however they donoo what they whould do during 3 months.However,this may depend on the answers to your EER questions from the VO I guess.As I mentioned they whould send your answers to USCIS and let them review your answers and if they come up with the negative result I think its then consulate sends the Denial letter . I have few questions,can you please let me know which model are you in,Questions asked in the interview and your answers to it.This gives us a better idea of what happened with your case.
  11. VisaBlues

    221g from Nov 2011...Please advice....

    Go ahead and apply for extension immediately
  12. VisaBlues

    H1 reaffirmed.... Need help ASAP

    @ Ksr_0810 USCIS recieved your case on Oct 20 and they might be doing review .You can check your current case in USCIS website with your case#
  13. VisaBlues

    221g Blue chennai Tracker

    I agree with sathys01
  14. @vaddy224 none from my end i called the consulate todya I was told still in pending.I asked its been 4 months pending iys there any progress.She simpy said few cases takes longer time and they cant help it
  15. VisaBlues

    221g Blue chennai Tracker

    @SKandukwhu in that case probably you may go ahead and start the new H1B process since the petetion expires soon.Meanwhile during this process if you get the visa you can decide at that point wheater to accept the visa or not with old H1B.This is just my view and you may take suggestions from attorneys/experts to get better solution. I have a question,i guess your interview is on Jan30th.During this processing time is your employer/client contacted for verification?.Alos can you please share your interview details/experience. Thanks
  16. VisaBlues

    221g Blue chennai Tracker

    @SKanduku I whould suggest t wait for the result since this is still a opportunity to get your visa.If any negative result you can always have that opportunity to file new H1b
  17. VisaBlues

    221g Blue chennai Tracker

    hmm,this is not not good .At least 10-15 people I know are waiting for at least since 3-4 months Donoo what the heck is consulate doing with our cases.Anyways lets hope for the best
  18. @H1b221Ghelp Dont worry I think consulate people might be in Summer Vacation(my guess) and we havent seen a single case processed in the last 1.month.I bet you have good chance of geting visa through,but seems like you may have to wait until they look back into your case details to send back the passport with visa .
  19. @sathys01to my knowladge AAP ,In Process,AP are not different. Consulate/DOS/VFS people uses different wording at different wording at different times and that confused us. I also usually has the similar response always
  20. @vaddy224 Dont panic at this moment there is nothing to do except wait for the consulate to respond.Since you signed the questiionire of EER your visa approval will depends on your answers to those questions.There are very strct guidliness of EER that USCIS came up with and so consulate is kind of strict with it.To my knowladge they whould send that question/answers you signed to USCIS and if USCIS says that answers you provided meet the EER then consulate will approve your visa.I dont what your answers were.Please look into the below memo and see if your answers satisfies EER hhttp://www.uscis.gov/USCIS/Laws/Memoranda/2010/H1B%20Employer-Employee%20Memo010810.pdf
  21. @glad2000 its better to provide complete information( list all the companies with dates)to the consulate in the questionnire
  22. @vaddy224 AAP or AP doenst make any much difference both mean Administrative process only.If any documents are required they give Green Slip with AP.otherwise if they have all the documents they need in PIMS database they whould mostly give AAP checked with no documents requred.Based on the documents provided to consulate or based on their mood they may go on to further verification at employer/client.If they find any misintepretations they may deny visa otherwise issue visa.But wierd thing is they dont even open our cases until 2-3 months i guess otherwise its just a matter of 1-2 days for visa issuance.This info is to my best of knowladge
  23. @glad2000 is this your first time stamping?.Do you have a common muslim name as i assuming since you got pink slip?.Also can yoy share your interview experience?
  24. VisaBlues

    H1B Reaffirmation eMail

    this just indicates that they have just now recieved ur case form conulate for review.There is a technical glitch in USCIS website which sends the first email which is incorrect
  25. @glad2000 during this processing is your client or employer contacted?