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  1. @#245 raoH1 I think Status will be the same refused for all the 221g .Even my status looks the same updated on 20 July 2012 in that website.
  2. @sathys01 ANY UPDATES?nothing from my end .
  3. @Vaddy good to know you are thru H4.You can COS once you are in US.Congrats for Visa finally.Did u the recieve the confirmation from consulate that your H1B visa is rejected?did the consulate asked you to withdraw the petition?.Why did you have to withdraw?
  4. VisaBlues

    Reaffirmed, Can I attend in Different Consulate??

    @DontWorryBeHappy did u get the reaffirmed petetion in hand now?.How did you know your petetion is reaffirmed?
  5. same reply from vfs again:( ::( " As per the US Consulate, your application is pending under Section 221(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) for mandatory administrative processing. Please note that there is no definite time for administrative processing. When administrative processing is required, the timing will vary depending on circumstances of each case. Be assured that the U.S. Consulate will contact you if the administrative processing is complete or if they require additional information. "
  6. VisaBlues

    Got Reaffirmation; Waiting for PIMS update; Need advice...

    @deeppn I m in the same situation.My interevview was on Dec 1st 2011.Sent back to uscis and review started with USCIS on Apr 20th.No updates after that.Keep me posted if you hear anything back.
  7. VisaBlues

    Reaffirmed, Can I attend in Different Consulate??

    @DontWorryBeHappy better go with that option.It would make VO realize understand the situation.Otherwise if its thru VFS they may reply the same email without even contacting consulate.If you go for a new schedule and attend interview worst case if they give 221g for PIMS update that should be fine since anyways you are waiting but that whould give a note to DOS to update that in 2-3 weeks a s a follow up.That whould a better solution I guess.But go with a full documentation in worst case
  8. @sathys01 is she not even asking the Case# and Name that should be good enough to be able to retrieve your case.But its so worrying thing this wait is giving us.We have been waiting for 5-6 months without knowing if positive or not.This has been extremely bad suffering.I am getting a feeling if its worth to wait or go with allternate plans.
  9. @sathys01 did you call the consulate recently?.Waht are they saying?
  10. VisaBlues


    @nlnn2 what was ticked on the Green Form?.Was it asked for more docuemtns?,AP,AAP?
  11. VisaBlues

    221g Blue chennai Tracker

    @SKanduku any update on your case?
  12. @sathys01 any updates,its 21+ weeks now no updates yes.Called the consulate today,same old answer "PENDING":(
  13. @JoeF if you are an MS student in US which is Master of Science in Engineering that should be good enough for visa issuance.However in certain cases like if you are Ms HealthCare,Ms Chemistry,Biotech and still working in IT it is the case where it would be to tough to prove the facts and while applying for H1B to uscis itself cant be proved If other field of engineering cant justify H1B then I dont think atleast 60% of the H1B holder applying from MNC'S in India cant be eligible
  14. VisaBlues


    @vijaisekar I am sorry to hear this but I understand its really terrible news after a long wait.How were you communicated about this.?Becasue I called to consulate and they said they are waiting on reply from USCIS and case is still pending.Does it mean my case is in rejection state?
  15. VisaBlues


    @nlnn2 CAN you provide more details of your case?.Interiew questions and what was the 221g about?
  16. VisaBlues


    @vijaisekar NO Updates from my end.How abt u?.I am always being told pending when asked for the status update and its now 21 weeks passed.What is the reply when you are following up with your casE?
  17. @sathys01 I called th consulate and asked about the status of my visa application .She aske my case# and then said its still pending and they are waiting for USCIS reply.I asked her if my case is sent to uscis.She said she cannot provide much details abt that.:(.I am not really sure what this could indicate
  18. @sathys01 thanks sathys.Yes we are hopeful about the issuance.I today contacted one of the attorney's and he said all in my case are looking good.That gave me a bit of hope although taking time.Good thing is my client is with me and supporting good and I am still working remotely meanwhile.
  19. @sathys01 I called the consulate today and I was told they are waiting on reply from USCIS.Does this indicate my case is sent to uscis for review after rejection?.My attorney said its not that the entire case sent back ,they are verifying some facts of the informaton.I guess these days USCIS is taking long time for anything due to lot of new H1B petetions in USA.
  20. Today I got a reply still pending.Not sure what they are trying to verify .They have not contacted anyone for verification yet "As per the US Consulate, Your application is pending under Section 221(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) for administrative processing. Section 221(g) prohibits the issuance of a visa to an individual whose application is incomplete or inconclusive, or whose eligibility has not been firmly established. In this instance, post is attempting to independently verify certain information presented by you at the time of your interview. "
  21. @sathys01 No , still waiting:( .I am so worrried as no response yet.How abt you ?.Any updates?
  22. @Tenny2012 congrats,that was fast.Mine is very similar to your case.Can you please let me know how the client verification was done.Is is though Phone,Email or IN person?
  23. @sathys01 any updates on your case .its 19 weeks now for my case,still no contact from the consulate
  24. VisaBlues


    @vijaisekar any further updates on your case?
  25. VisaBlues

    Urgent - 221g - EC model - Need help - Plz help...

    @VenkatRRRR can you please provide me the date of your interview?.I am in the same situation.My interview date was on Feb 17th at chennai and was issued 221g Blue AAP.No Documents were taken and still no reply from the consulate.Can you provide more details abt your interivew?. Coming to your situation,I whould say you are in a tricky situation,since you dont have job at client location it may be difficult to answe the query since you may need updated client letter,and contract.And ther are high chances they may verify the client aftr you submit the documents as I see the same from previous cases.You may need to find another client and amend your petetion so that you can send the updated client info with ameneded Petetion,LCA to be a genuine case.Otherwise submitting the old client letter will be risky and may lead to further issues to my knowladge If you can please provide me your contact details I whould like to discuss more with our situation.Do you mind to share the contact? Thanks and Appreciate