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  1. VisaBlues

    H1B sent back to USCIS, Second time 221G White

    Hi All please find the details of my case below with 221g Blue Admin Processing at chennai counsulate 2nd time.My I-797 ,I-129 LCA and passport are with me,Please advice. http://forum.murthy.com/index.php?/topic/34170-221gblue-chennai-evc-ec-model/page__fromsearch__1
  2. VisaBlues

    2nd attempt for H1b Visa

    Following is my case with 221g blue 2nd attemp
  3. VisaBlues


    Hello All,Below is my case with 221g Blue from chennai on 2nd attempt.First one sent back to uscis for revirew.Later transferred my petetion to prime vendor (E-C)to work for the same client. My interview at chennai-17 Feb 2012(E-C model) VO:Hi ME:Hello Good Morning VO:Pass on the folder ME:Passed VO:Is this your first H1B ME:I was already working in H1B before. VO:Who is your petetioner ME:XXX Company VO:Where is it located ME:City name,State VO:Do you work at client location ME:Yes,at xyz company VO:Where did you do your masters VO:Told VO:Where is it located ME:xyz(Same City as my employer) VO:How much your company pay ME:Told VO:What do you do for the client ME:mentioned VO:Do you have end client letter ME:yes,Passed the same VO:went through the letter and asked me when did you start this company ME:Its an new employment,joined recently,will stasrt working on ce in US VO:Took green slip first and was seeing what documents he can ask me ,Sir we will need to do some additional administrative processing on your case,it will take 2-3 weeks. ME:Will you be needing any documents at this moment. VO:Looked into the green slip and asked me if I have contract ME:Since its a confidential document I was not provided at this moment VO:He asked me to be seated for few min,then came back and gave me 221G Blue with case number and said admin processing(2-3 weeks).He asked me to contact them if no response in 2-3 weeks Btw during this time he returned back my I-797,LCA,I-129 ,just kept the client letter Can someone assist me if I will be able to get the visa.Also If I am rejected twice can I apply for visa again with another new petetion from another prime vendor to the same client?