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  1. h1bvsa

    H4 interview

    My wife is gng to appear the H4 visa. if the questions : 'why didnt appear the visa along with ur husband' is asked what should she be answering..? pls suggest....
  2. how do u know the employer? referral how long u are working with them? i wil work after i go there...... who was ur prev employer? xyz what happend to that visa appilcation? its undeer 221g, mahy be some verification going on....not sure looks like u were abuoit to get stamped on that on apr 1......do u know? hmmm which one do u want ? this new one why this? onsite....the old one is offsite...so i want onsite... where r u going? abc location, you said asdf location earlier? yeah its my physica llocation where i live.....! and this is new employers office. ur visa is approved. as i got clearance from earlier company also, (under 221g since 2 months), i think i got this visa apporaval very easily. gud luk.
  3. Hi All, I attended intvw today at hyd consul, for a direct employment with inhouse proj and got visa approved. my prev submission request for passport is for stamping too(said by vo, he asked which one do u want .....) now it will be a 3 yr visa...one less thing to worry from now. gudluk
  4. Hi, My Employer didnt ru nthe paystub as I'm in India(for one month), will this be vaild? also , my h1b intvw is under 221G....please let m eknow how missing paystub effects , if I go back to US. thanks
  5. Hi , I am appearing for h1 interview for an american venodr who got project "outsourced" from the american client. This american vendor is the prime vendor for the client, now got the project itself. can i say it as "in-house" project? which has 21 million gross income per annum and 1 million net income , with 200 employees(consuktaltns and full timers) and myne a first and ONLY h1b (also from india), can you please give some inputs for successful intvw? thanks
  6. h1bvsa

    H1B Approved Finally!!!

    Hi, if it is an inhouseproject, does it needs a client letter? My client has outsourced the project to american vendor, vendor starting thier own development center, and i will be the first h1b on their pay roll.. please suggest... thanks
  7. h1bvsa

    Need suggestion in attended for H1-B

    Hi, what happedn to your visa? how did you handle this? u went for inhouse project? if so can you please share ur exp? thanks
  8. Hi all, Thanks for your suggestions . As i saw in few posts like , after sumitting the passport , consulate will send questionnaire to the clients , etc and may again issue 221G without visa stamp in the passport.....so am not confidetn as client stated , he cannot support few E-E related questions, also , the stamp may be valid only for 6 month from now. After going thru lawyers opinion and lot of stress, as there are every document and hope to get thrugh( american lawyer, amwrican company, full time, inhouse proj), the visa job interview, scheduled my new bisa appointment. if everything goes well, I will get three years stamping( no issue for 3 more years an dno stress) I'm not sure wats gonna happen , gud luk to u all....Iwill update my status on apr 19th.
  9. hi i got this in email from vfs helpline chennai, when contacted for case update....
  10. ' hi, when u say approval email, what does it say? "submit so we will isssue visa"? i got 221g , and now email stating that "application is pending the submission of passport"
  11. thanks, I'm wondering if after the submission of the passport, how long the process may take.... will the AAP srill cotinues with queries to clients etc...? also recently i filled DS160 nd submitted(not taken appointment yet)...dono how this effects...any htoughts on this ???
  12. h1bvsa

    H1B rejected after 221(g)..Next Steps

    have you recieved this directly? or are there any back n forth comunication like have u submitted any docs? passport? then rejected or is it a direct rejection? 221g blue?? can u please share ur exp
  13. Hi , what kind of background check(processing) is done after u submit ur passsport? did anybody contacted client? etc???? please share ur exp. thanks
  14. passport submission reqest for consulate: your application is pending the submission of your passport....dono wat for? stamping or..for more....additional processig....
  15. hi, i recieved a 221g blue AAP passport submission request from earlier visa appointment(2 months back, will be stamped for 7 months) meanwhile , i submittes another new DS160(I-797 for 3 years) with another employer I-797( have not taken appointment). can i go ahead n submit passport? or take appointment with new employers docs? how do my new ds160 submission effects? please let me know.....thanks