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  1. Hello My first visa as L1B way back in 2009 and since 2013, I am on H1 B, I have the I797 blanket petition but missing I129S, but I do have all the other documents. Could you please let me know if there will be any issues while filing I485?
  2. nvijay

    Application Refused!

    221(g) is refusal and additional processing is required before final decision.. refer the links below http://newdelhi.usembassy.gov/consular/refused-or-pending-visa.html Administrative Processing: 221(g) If your visa application was refused with a "221 (g)" notation for further administrative processing, please read these instructions before checking your case status below. Please visit the Department of State Travel Site for information on administrative processing wait times.
  3. nvijay

    Application Refused!

    I am in the same boat, as per info from other users, they might have updated their DB for all records on 20th Jul, 221(g) itself is refusal, so they say that application is refused and hopefully our petitions are still valid
  4. Hi All, Case status on DOS is refused, is this same as 221(g) or does it means something else? Case Creation Date: 24-Feb-2012 Response Date: 20-Jul-2012 Your application was refused. Please see the letter or other instructions you received at the interview. What will be the next steps? will my employer get NOIR or will it get completly rejected, can my employer file another visa with CAP exempted? Thanks in advance, VN
  5. nvijay

    Working From India

    Hi, How are you managing your Taxes? and is it ok to work from India for long time? Thanks VN
  6. nvijay

    221g-Remotely working from India

    Is it really legal to generate US payroll, while a person is in India, and how long a person can work remotely, did anybody did research on tax implication in India?
  7. nvijay

    221g-Remotely working from India

    Hi Prasad, I am in the same boat, could you please let me know since how long are you working? also please let me know if have more details like what is the max period we can work? and next time when you go to interview, do we need to tell US consulate that we worked remotely or not?
  8. Hi, Did you get any 221(g) receipt?
  9. nvijay

    Passports returned and no 221(g) issued

    Thanks for the info, I have two questions1. Can the new employer use the same petition and go with cap exemption? 2. If my current employer allows me to work from India, can I work and how long I can work? can they run US Payroll? ( my employer does not have any complany in India, is US based company)
  10. I joined new H1 B employer in the month of Jan and traveled to India in the month of Feb, I attended interview at hyd on 28th Feb,Visa Officer was very particular on the company address and the internal project, I am working on (internal project is real and is in good shape), he was asking on my they are not advertising on internet etc, at the end of the interview he said that my cases will be send back to US and did not handover any 221g slip, when I asked how to track the progress, he said, I can mail them or if everything is ok in US I will get a mail or courier, What does this mean? What all options I have now, my I797 is valid till 2014 Thanks in Advance
  11. nvijay

    h1 B stamping chennai or hyderabad?

    Hi, Can you please share your exprience with visa interview and location you attended?
  12. If it is only University Transcripts, you will get approved visa once you submit your original transcripts, I am not sure about the specific process of your university but, I am from Andhra University, I got my color xerox of my degree and marlkists and went to Registarar office and paid the required fee for my Graduation and PG. they will verify and attest your copies and put them in the cover provided by and then seal them and stamp it outside. you can take help of someone who is India to help you get this done soon. I could get all these things done in 10 days and got my approval in another 10 days (Premium Processing) All the best
  13. nvijay

    H1B Visa interview at Hyderabad consulate (EVC)

    @arjunmca : Do you have any suggestion on which consulate is better? Chennai or Hyderabad?
  14. Hi Inspire11, Can you please share your visa stamping exprience?
  15. Hi, Can you please elobrate your details like 1. Is it firsttime stamping? 2. Are you going thru consultant or big company 3. EVC model or full time employee Regards, V